Employees and their children recently joined together at Karsun Solutions’ Herndon, Virginia headquarters for their annual Take Your Child to Work Day. Each year the Karsun Events Council, an internal team lead by employees across programs, selects an event theme. This year students were asked to demonstrate teamwork and imagination by planning a multi-day trip to a destination of their choice. Demonstrating their public speaking and presentation skills, they pitched their travel plans to their parents at the end of the day.

Students formed teams and worked together to build their complete travel plan. Acting as mentors throughout the day, Team Karsun joined the students to teach classes on brainstorming, budgeting, and planning. Teams also learned about the planes that allow them to travel to far off destinations. Staff taught additional classes on everything from paper airplanes to weather.

Meanwhile, employees led informative sessions on Karsun Solutions’ enterprise modernization work. Karsun’s executive team gave a brief introduction to Karsun Solutions. Then teams supporting both our General Service Administration and Federal Aviation Administration programs spoke on travel-related programs supported by Karsun. Tammie Bowman spoke on GSA’s City Pairs program and led a question and answer session. An FAA session was led by Debbie Richards. As the day closed student teams presented their plans to the Karsun team. Students completing the program received a certificate along with a Karsun giveaway bag.

Take Your Child to Work is one of several yearly traditions at Karsun Solutions. Here fun is a core value! The Karsun Event Council plans and hosts monthly employee events in addition to Karsun’s wellness events and informative brown bag seminars. Take Your Child to Work Day is one of our two yearly traditions celebrating Karsun families. The yearly picnic is held every June. To learn more about life at Karsun visit our Employee Events page or join our recruiters for our weekly chat event.

Digital Citizenship Take Your Child to Work DayLast Thursday Karsun Solutions welcomed children into our offices to celebrate Take Your Child to Work Day. The annual event was hosted at Karsun’s Herndon, Virginia Headquarters. This year’s events focused on dual themes of internet safety and digital citizenship.

Karsun employees educated the kids on topics such as online research techniques, identifying unsafe situations online, and protecting personal information. In a session on the danger of too much screen time, kids were asked to think about ways they can create quality time with family and friends by unplugging. In addition to learning new board games, kids participated in teambuilding and communication activities.

Children participate in internet safety activities with Karsun Staff

The Karsun executive team also hosted a question and answer session. CEO Sundar Vaidyanathan and COO Terry Miller introduced kids to their parents’ jobs and Karsun’s role as the Enterprise Modernization Experts! They finished the day making posters thanking their parents and Karsun employees for their hard work.

Take Your Child to Work Day is one of the several ways Karsun builds a culture focused on work-life balance and professional growth. This yearly activity is one of several offered to employees including a yearly family picnic, monthly celebration events, and employee clubs. To learn more about opportunities offered to Karsun team members visit our Employee Events page.

Last Thursday Karsun Solutions joined many other companies across the United States in celebrating Take Your Child to Work Day. They hosted children ages 8 through 13 at their Herndon, Virginia Headquarters. This year’s inaugural event encouraged guests to imagine a world where technology creates exciting jobs, homes, and communities of the future. Using collages and worksheets participants brainstormed solutions to today’s challenges.

The Karsun team visits the collage station for some stickers. Guests were invited to use the cloud and envision the homes of the future Worksheets got students thinking about jobs of the future

In the afternoon, Karsun hosted a presentation on the relationship between computers, software, networks and the cloud. Staff led an exercise where kids created their own private game servers on Agar.io. Co-founders Sundar Vaidyanathan and Kartik Mecheri joined a question and answer session on the organization’s role as enterprise modernization experts and government partners. Afterwards, children were invited to tour the office and visit with members of the Karsun team.

Karsun Co-Founders and staff engage in Q&A Session  Staff visit with children  Senior Cloud Architect Samir Bham Demonstrates Game Server TYCTWD

Events, like Take Your Child to Work Day, are a method to further nurture Karsun’s culture of personal and professional development. They are proud to develop opportunities like these connecting children to STEM careers. Creating spaces where employees, and their children, can engage in innovation is a core value for this growing organization.