Proven Performers

With more than a decade of experience across seven General Services Administration contracts we are proven acquisitions modernization experts.

Spanning multiple $100+ million contracts, Karsun’s complex modernization projects include platform migration, data collection, transactional data, business intelligence, data visualization, and sales reporting and fee remittance applications. In addition to this acquisitions management modernization experience, Karsun has in-depth fleet management expertise. One complex modernization project managed the full fleet business process lifecycle including acquisition, leasing, maintenance and disposal.

We previously performed work on multiple, large scale prime contracts and blanket purchase agreements (BPAs). We currently deliver under GSA’s CIO Modernization and Enterprise Transformation (COMET) BPA.


Lean Methods

We maximize flow, ensure efficient implementation, and automate configuration and change management using DevSecOps and SRE best practices.

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Outcomes-Driven Guidance and Control

Our CMMI v2.0 Level 5 DEV based performance management system continually adjusts execution to adhere to performance objectives and SLAs.

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Data Management and Warehousing

Supporting the mission to reliably serve internal users and client agencies’ growing demand for data, analytics and data-driven decision-making.

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Evolve Your Agency’s Data Strategy

Use your agency’s data as an asset and improve data sharing to drive mission success. Karsun works with our acquisitions modernization customers to help their business lines understand beyond the program level, their benefit to the entire agency and their impact on mission outcomes.

  • Using human centered design, we worked with one customer to create a self-service data platform. In moving from manual to automated data collection this platform not only delivers relevant insights faster, it gave users the flexibility to engage in the platform in a way that’s meaningful to them.
  • For another customer, we implemented a service delivery model that allowed a that customer to enhance their offerings to include data capabilities as a service to its agency customers.

Modernize with the Experts

With Karsun, rely on expert advising and proven toolkits that ensures the latest advance is not a roadblock but a path to greater opportunities. Our  experts routinely receive “Excellent” ratings in client service, providing agencies with a trusted partner invested in mission success.

  • The data migration experts. Using lessons learned and best practices from past performance in complex, modernization efforts, our data-led migration toolkits work with you to build a repeatable and scalable model as you move your data.
  • The acquisitions industry experts. Closely connected to industry and frequent panel guests, Karsun leadership are the acquisition modernization experts.

Contracts and Customers


COMET is the IT services vehicle for the Federal Acquisition Service (FAS). It replaces the CAMEO contract which Karsun previously performed under.

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With simple ordering, access emerging technology via an SBA 8(a) mentor protege joint venture.

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Featured Case Study

Analytics Platform Modernization

Learn how our experts rolled out a data and content platform, from architecture to operations including external data API integrations, in just nine months.

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Modernization is more than applying new technology; it’s applying essential technology. At Karsun Solutions, commitment to client mission drives everything we do. We understand how IT impacts mission, and find ways to improve infrastructure and applications. We see beyond the SOW, holistically assessing client goals and tailoring modernization services to best support agency outcomes. Our Innovation Center produces adaptive IT solutions that push the envelope in what’s possible to meet unique client needs and enable success. With a deep understanding of mission, Karsun empowers agencies to turn the next technology into the next opportunity.