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Data Solutions


Our DataOps Toolkit enables developers and data engineers to adapt a containerized service with low-code technologies to perform data transformation and quality management for incremental and secure legacy data migration to the cloud. At GSA, we migrated 10+ legacy applications to open source technologies, both with data center-based standard database deployment as well as AWS RDS.

Management & Engineering

Leveraging cloud services and open source products, our data management & engineering solutions provide a well-orchestrated set of ingest, transformation, and governance services. These services reduce our customer’s lift for tracking statistics and service level agreements for data flows through centralization and alerting, and a common schema registry that ensures only approved data in the approved structures is ingested, providing options for customers to plug in their extract, transform, and load tools or utilize our provisioned and standard dataops-based toolsets for becoming productive quickly.

Advanced Analytics

Conceptualized with ‘cloud first’ product thinking, this platform rapidly delivers a well-architected and orchestrated set of services that deliver an accelerated and integrated set of data capabilities – data storage & archival, schema registry, rendition stores, relational stores, virtualization and model composers, and in-memory computing – and integrates well with market-leading data catalog products. The platform provides options to integrate a sensitive data management service that centralizes tasks of data privacy and security management to reduce inconsistent security enforcement, non-compliant data access, and flexible definition of customer-deemed sensitive data elements.