Karsun Konnect

The Karsun Konnect digital workplace collaboration platform integrates all teams with our Innovation Center’s Practice Areas, R&D, and Karsun Academy professional development programs in addition to other resources. Whether remote or in-person, all employees access the resources to grow with Karsun through this integrated collection of applications.

Resources Available in Konnect

Karsun Academy

Here team members learn new technologies and skills to excel at their work. Each month, we roll out a new training series announced via newsletter and town halls.

  • Dojo workshops are delivered through knowledge sharing sessions “By Employees for Employees”.
  • Brown Bags are hosted each Friday by the Karsun Innovation Center (KIC). hosts lunchtime brown bags. Any employee may volunteer to share on topics ranging from emerging technology to soft skills like public speaking.
  • Books and Learning Paths are available through Konnect. The KIC library is also located at our headquarters in Herndon, Virginia.

Practice Konnect

In this digital collaborative space Karsun employees find practice subject matter experts, share innovations and access our InnerSource library.

  • The Tech Radar tracks innovations throughout the company. Teams begin by submitting an idea to the radar through the Konnect app. At first developed internally by the KIC, projects later integrate into work on delivery teams. Successful projects are presented during monthly Innovation Town Halls.
  • Innovation Town Halls are presented the first Wednesday of every month. Held virtually with interactive Q&A, the Konnect app also contains recordings and slides from previous months.
  • The Tech Hotline connects delivery teams to experts outside of their program to resolve and/or provide alternatives to technical blockers that impact performance.

Contracts, HR and Operations Konnect

Konnect also serves as a connection point for our corporate resources. From employee interest groups to ticket and helpdesk support these auxiliary resources are available to the teams that need them.

Building an Open Source Culture

Karsun InnerSource

From experiment to valued asset, make your mark at Karsun!

InnerSource is the digital repository backing our open source-like culture. It supports sharing reusable software solutions, starter packs, components and even code snippets. Our governance model promotes open collaboration and communication. At the same time, we separate contribution from integration adhering to quality assurance best practices.

Both our in-house research and development team and Karsun employees contribute (commiters) to the development of the assets. Our practice leads serve as reviewers accepting the code and documenting changes for each asset. These assets are open to all delivery teams. Over 35 of these assets are part of our Innovation Center Toolkits.

Coffee Chats, Town Halls and All Hands

Connect with Leadership

From orientation through daily celebrations our cofounders, executives and senior leaders connect directly with you through monthly and quarterly events. Coffee and Brunch with Leadership is among the most popular. These intimate 10-20 people chat groups make suggestions and provide feedback directly to our leadership. Throughout the year we also host town halls, all hands, celebration events and fireside chats.

Current Employees

InnerSource and other resources are available to current employees through Karsun Konnect.