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The Karsun Innovation Center fosters an innovative culture where employees are given resources and opportunities to engage in interesting work, create differentiated value for our customers, gain the spotlight on innovative solutions, and receive recognition for successful implementations.

By deliberately engaging employees to pursue new paths, the KIC creates innovations that drive delivery excellence and growth for Karsun. We empower employees to spend time outside their delivery programs, acquire new emerging technologies and provide cloud resources to stimulate research and knowledge sharing. This enables an innovation mindset in employees to address the real-life business challenges faced by government agencies. 

Three Arm Innovation Cycle

The diagram below represents the core model that drives the KIC’s operations. The KIC aims to power delivery and growth cycles through a rapidly turning innovation cycle. With employees at the center, the KIC organizes its activities in three (3) areas to drive each of the arms of the innovation cycle (each of which is underlined and italicized below). 

  • Dedicated R&D team actively engages employees in creating differentiated value in delivery and proposals through experimentation and prototyping. They work to bring visibility to employees’ innovative work through the KIC’s innovation radar and monthly town halls. 
  • Karsun Academy actively promotes learning and sharing among employees. This enables employees to align with market trends through Dojos, webinars, online learning subscriptions, book library, and certification workshops. 
  • Five (5) Practices span Karsun offerings with a dedicated lead for each practice area and a core set of practice advocates in every delivery program. Practice areas drive excellence through the creation of reusable assets and toolkits, the establishment of guidelines, industry certifications and technology partnerships, and the enablement of active collaboration among employees. 
  1. Solution Practice- Everything about understanding and designing for customer needs
  2. DevSecOps Practice- Everything about bringing Dev, Sec, and Ops teams together
  3. Lean Practice – Everything about leading and managing teams and individuals
  4. Data Practice – Everything about data and its use (DataOps, Data Science)
  5. Development Practice – Everything about development and testing

Our practice leads utilize the support of the R&D team to drive innovation initiatives and Karsun Academy to drive learning & sharing of knowledge in their respective practice areas.

Innovation Center Assets


GoLean Methodology is our proprietary methodology that enables our Modern Software Development offering. It is  Karsun’s data-driven and science-based practice improvement framework that guides software development teams in applying Lean, Agile, and DevSecOps principles in our delivery programs. The GoLean method provides continuous governance of Product, Engineering, and Operational learning loops so that teams deliver quality software with frequent releases while at the same time provide visibility, accountability, and transparency to our federal agency customers. The GoLean methodology engages active leadership at every level through a learning process based on Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act (OODA) and the GoLean toolkit that drives innovation and adoption of team practices to achieve high performance. 

GoLean Toolkit is a ready collection of metrics, visualizations, models, and automations, generated using DataOps and DevSecOps tools, to support each step of the learning process. We have created 25+ health and diagnostic visualizations that help identify observable stressors in achieving aspirational goals; 8 statistical models that serve as an evaluation, or orientation, a mechanism to validate the fitness of new innovative methods to achieve aspirational goals, or developed to address a stressor; and 40+ automations that serve as constraints, guardrails, and nudges to guide people’s actions, enabling the implementation of new Lean, Agile and DevSecOps practices. This toolkit is also available as a  software-as-a-service at for the commercial market.

Karsun InnerSource

Karsun InnerSource is our open source based model to build and share accelerators to drive delivery excellence in our practice areas through reusable assets, toolkits, starter packs, reference frameworks, and practice guidelines. We host 35+ accelerators in our GitLab repository that enable teams and individual practitioners every day. Examples include   

  • Toolkits – Open sourced Duke tool for automation testing, CLI automation tools for Dev/Prod environment parity, GoLean Tools for agile performance management
  • Standards & Guidelines -GoLean Policy objects Agile governance, CMMI process asset libraries, 12 Factor playbooks for cloud native application development
  • StarterKits –  GoLean Continuous Delivery Pipeline (GLCD), Digital Transformation Microservices (Dxµ), JAM Stack & Serverless reference implementations 

Karsun Konnect

Karsun Konnect is a digital workplace collaboration platform to integrate delivery and business development teams to practices, R&D, and Karsun academy. It provides a single-window to engage employees and enable them to seek help. Konnect has three (3) components

  • Karsun TV – Enables information broadcasts delivered through virtual and physical TVs placed across the company to share events and celebrate achievements
  • Konnect Apps – a no-code platform for departments to enable internal digital services. Example Dojo App by Karsun Academy team, Phone-a-friend App by KIC Practice team, Tech challenge as a Service by Talent team, Innovation Radar App by the R&D team 

Konnect Cards – a personalized information delivery service in similar lines to Google cards that enable social network for employees curated by practice advocates