Modernization is more than applying new technology; it’s applying essential technology to meet your agency’s mission. We empower agencies modernizing their grants management programs to turn the next technology into the next opportunity. Our team of 120 cleared data architects, product managers, Agile developers, and UI/UX professionals, are experts in managing and maintaining our grants management customers’ product roadmaps.

Proven Performance

For one customer, Karsun leads grants management IT modernization to consolidate over 40 agency grant programs, antiquated business processes, and 10 legacy systems into a single grants management IT platform and a common grants management lifecycle to improve efficiency and effectiveness for over 58,000 end users. It handles 2.4 million grant transactions daily between government and citizen users and organizations and has processed over $4.2 billion of financial transactions with an average daily of $6.3 million in transactions. We delivered over 18,747 story points over more than 48 Sprints. We conduct thorough testing of all functionality before production. We developed 200+ test scenarios and executed 1300+ automated tests daily.

Preparing for the Future

Use Your Grants Data as a Strategic Asset

Evolve your data strategy now and accelerate future data modernization efforts. Our data pipeline is flexible and robust, leveraging and optimizing the cloud to collect, process, clean and standardize data for analysis and reporting. We compiled the data from across one customer’s grants management ecosystem. This enabled our customer to accelerate its data-driven decision-making for future of its program.


Cloud Migration

We identify migration candidates. Then, using Domain Driven Design and microservices, we implement full grants lifecycle management, incrementally onboarding programs, configuring changes and adding components.

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We follow industry standard DevSecOps processes while working users to promote a consistent delivery model that drives customer value.

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Agile Development

Independent Agile teams develop, test, implement and maintain product features and deliver on end user schedules.

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Customers and Contracts

FEMA Grants Management Modernization

Karsun is the prime for this Firm Fixed Price, $80 million, SPARC BPA with a Period of Performance from August 31, 2018 until August 31, 2023.

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Featured Case Study

Cloud Migration for Grants Management

Modernization leads to full grant lifecycle management on a single platform. This platform, FEMA GO, uses a modern technical stack with progressive single page web applications, microservices, dynamic workflows, and a data lake deployed on AWS cloud.

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Modernization is more than applying new technology; it’s applying essential technology. At Karsun Solutions, commitment to client mission drives everything we do. We understand how IT impacts mission, and find ways to improve infrastructure and applications. We see beyond the SOW, holistically assessing client goals and tailoring modernization services to best support agency outcomes. Our Innovation Center produces adaptive IT solutions that push the envelope in what’s possible to meet unique client needs and enable success. With a deep understanding of mission, Karsun empowers agencies to turn the next technology into the next opportunity.