The Karsun Innovation Center (KIC) promotes an innovative culture where employees utilize various resources and opportunities to engage in exciting work, create value for our customers, gain the spotlight on innovative solutions, and receive recognition for successful implementations.

Employee Centered, Expert Led

Three Arm Innovation Cycle

KIC powers delivery and growth through a rapidly turning innovation cycle. With our employees at the core, Karsun Academy empowers learning and intellectual property generation, our Practice Areas drive excellence, while our dedicated R&D teams create differentiated value.

Powered by Innovators


Practice Areas


Innovations assessed and prototyped via Innovation Radar


Hours of Employee Training provided per year


Worth of contracts won based on GoLean™ Agile Toolkit


Apps migrated and 4-factored with Cloud Runways Playbooks

Innovation Investmant

Research and Development

R&D team actively engages employees in creating differentiated value in delivery and proposals through experimentation and prototyping. They bring visibility to employees’ innovative work through the KIC’s Innovation Radar and monthly town halls.

Professional Development

Karsun Academy

Karsun Academy actively promotes learning and sharing among employees. This enables employees to align with market trends through Dojos, webinars, online learning subscriptions, brown bags, book library, and certification workshops.

CMMI v2.0 Level 5 DEV Appraised

Development Methodology

Karsun’s data-driven and science-based practice improvement framework guides our software development teams in applying Lean, Agile, and DevSecOps principles in our delivery programs. Our method provides continuous governance of Product, Engineering, and Operational learning loops so that teams deliver quality software with frequent releases while at the same time providing visibility, accountability, and transparency to our federal agency customers. The effective utilization of Agile metrics in our methods enabled Karsun Solutions to be among less than 50 companies in the U.S. to achieve CMMI v2.0 Level 5 (DEV) accreditation.

Advocates for Excellence

Practice Areas

Practice areas drive excellence through the creation of reusable assets and toolkits, the establishment of guidelines, industry certifications and technology partnerships, and the enablement of active collaboration among employees. We have a dedicated lead for each practice area and a core set of practice advocates in every delivery program.

Our Practice Leads

Solution Practice

Hari Naraynan

Promoting UI/UX, human centered design, domain driven design, and architecture best practices at Karsun.

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DevSecOps Practice

Judewin Gabriel

Driving CI/CD, security engineering, SRE, pipelines and observability excellence at Karsun.

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Data Practice

Srikanth Devarajan

Elevating DataOps, Data Management, Data Migration, Data Science and Machine Learning at Karsun.

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Development Practice

Shanmugam Palanivelu

Advancing Java, REACT, .Net, microservices, AWS, test automation, serverless and Python development at Karsun.

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Employee Resources

Karsun InnerSource

A barrier to collaboration is restricted access to source code. InnerSource enables an open source-like culture by giving company-wide access to tools.

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Karsun Konnect

A digital workplace initiative, Konnect is a comprehensive and personalized employee portal that brings together other Karsun apps.

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