HERNDON, VA – Karsun Solutions announced today it is a recipient of the 2024 Top Workplaces for Remote Work award, featured by Monster, a global leader in connecting people and jobs. Energage, a purpose-driven organization that builds and brands employers of choice, determines the awards through an employee survey.  As a government contractor, Karsun Solutions hires technology experts for remote roles nationwide. Karsun teams empower government agencies to meet their mission through modern software development, cloud and data solutions.

“Top Workplaces awards are a powerful tool for companies to attract exceptional talent,” said Eric Rubino, Energage CEO. “They showcase distinctive culture strengths and communicate a clear message to potential recruits: This is a place where you can thrive and excel.”

“These awards underscore the importance of listening to employees about where and when they can be their most productive and happiest selves,” shares Monster CEO Scott Gutz. “We know that this flexibility is essential to helping both employers and candidates find the right fit.”

The Top Workplaces employer recognition program has a 17-year history of researching, surveying, and celebrating people-first organizations nationally and across 65 regional markets. 

The 2024 Top Workplaces for Remote Work award celebrates organizations with 150 or more employees cultivating exceptional remote working environments. Karsun earned the award based on employee feedback. The results of a confidential employee engagement survey were evaluated by comparing responses to research-based statements that predict high performance against industry benchmarks.  

Surveys conducted through Energage support Karsun’s initiatives toward building an open, transparent, employee-centered workplace. Karsun is proud to participate in other Energage award programs, including previously receiving Technology Industry Top Workplace awards from the organization. 

“We are proud of this recognition, which represents our ongoing commitment to a remote-flexible workplace where our team members can grow and thrive,” said Kelly Demaitre, Karsun’s Chief People Officer.

Karsun also secured culture awards for work-life flexibility, diversity and professional growth. It empowers teams with the flexibility to select the in-person, hybrid or remote approach that works best for them. Most teams choose remote work arrangements while utilizing Karsun’s resources for virtual training, collaboration and innovation. Celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, Karsun’s continual investment in employees yielded strong contract growth. As a result, it continues to hire for remote roles nationwide at KarsunCareers.com.

About Karsun Solutions

Transform your career with the company transforming possible for the government. Join the workplace where the only limit on your potential is the limit of your curiosity. Thrive in a community that empowers software development, cloud and data experts. At Karsun, collaborate in a culture that allows you the freedom to explore every possibility and provides support to turn your bold ideas into reality. Expand your career potential with dynamic development resources like Karsun Academy and sponsored technical certification courses. And joining a growing enterprise means as we grow, so do your career opportunities. Take your career to the next level and play your part in powering new possibilities for federal agencies.

Company Contact 

Karsun Solutions

Karsun has an employee-centered workplace that places flexibility, innovation and collaboration at the heart of our business. For most of our team members, that means they work remotely. And while that is the preferred style of work for many, we also know connecting in person is important to many of our team members. That is why we brought back some of our most popular in-person events this year. These included family picnics, team celebrations and community events. The result was new opportunities for team Karsun to connect with each other, within their communities and with our core values

One of those core values is fun, and this year marked the return of many of Karsun’s in-person social events. These were opportunities for Karsun families, teams and partners to meet face-to-face while enjoying ice cream socials, farm days and other activities. Additionally, we shared team accomplishments, presented innovative creations and recognized extraordinary work in monthly and quarterly remote events. Nearly 90 people received one of our quarterly employee awards this year alone. While many of these awards celebrated performance, several team members each quarter were awarded for embodying Karsun’s core values. 

For our Northern Virginia team members, this resulted in teams reconnecting with their community. The neighborhood clean-up team resumed their Adopt-a-Highway project, focusing on a new area near Karsun’s headquarters in Herndon, Virginia. The Wellness Team also led a Fit for Fall Challenge culminating in Run on the Rocks. This event, sponsored by Karsun, benefits Team AIMS, an organization supporting our local Washington, D.C., region and global communities.

The Wellness Team also ensured that our team had the resources to spend their time away from work in the way that best supports their needs. For that reason, we announced several new benefits this year. These updated benefits added parental leave, enhanced paid time off and new employee perks and discounts in addition to the award-winning benefits already enjoyed by Karsun team members. We were honored to receive our first Top Workplaces Culture award for Work-Life Flexibility. These awards came as we renewed our commitment to an open, transparent, employee-centered culture.  

As we prepare for 2024, we are excited to watch our team grow and thrive together. That includes new opportunities to connect and collaborate. We are actively hiring for remote roles nationwide. If you are ready to join us in the new year, check out our open positions and Find Your Next as part of team Karsun.

Remote work is no doubt popular with employees as demand for remote positions continues to grow. We have previously written about our commitment to flexible work environments, including remote work. Not only are remote and hybrid arrangements great for employee work-life balance, but they can also be great for the environment too. As part of our series this April examining the impact of Karsun’s work on the environment, we examine the ways in which remote work builds a healthier future for our communities and team members alike.

Remote work can conserve the environment in several ways. To begin with, by working remotely, employees can eliminate or significantly reduce their daily commute. That means fewer cars on the road, reduced traffic congestion, and lower greenhouse gas emissions from transportation. Remote and hybrid also reduce business travel, which is a significant source of carbon emissions. By using video conferencing and other remote collaboration tools, companies can reduce their carbon footprint. Teams in the Karsun Innovation Center support these goals by continually adding enhanced tools for remote collaboration to our Karsun Konnect employee application.

Adopting a flexible approach to remote work reduces energy usage and other waste. It moderates energy usage in buildings since fewer people are working in the office. This can lead to lower electricity and water consumption, as well as reduced HVAC usage. Karsun also uses a hoteling system as part of our Karsun Konnect app to better anticipate facilities and operational needs. This allows our onsite teams to act more efficiently to conserve resources when not in use.

Overall, remote work can help reduce the environmental impact of work and improve sustainability. But creating a better environment is also about encouraging a healthy and happy working environment too. Karsun commits to flexibility, work-life balance, and an open, collaborative culture as part of its employee-centered workplace.

Creating a Healthier Remote Work Environment

Remote work can offer several health benefits for workers. Remote work can reduce the stress of commuting and dealing with office disruptions. Workers can also have more control over their work environment, such as the temperature, lighting, and noise level, which can lead to less stress. Additionally, monthly Karsun Wellness newsletters offer tips and suggestions for reducing stress while creating a healthier work environment at home. 

Flexibility is a core tenant of our approach to work. Whether that’s the flexibility to explore new technology or pick the best spaces to collaborate as a team. Remote and hybrid work offered at Karsun allows our team members to have more flexibility in their work schedules. Likewise, flexible work options improve work-life balance by allowing workers to spend more time with their families, pursue hobbies, and engage in self-care activities, which can reduce stress and improve mental health.

Working from home can also encourage a healthier lifestyle, as workers have more time for exercise and healthy meal preparation. In fact, we actively encourage our team to use Karsun resources to focus on their health throughout the work week. Our team members may tune in to weekly remote exercise and fitness groups through our Karsun Konnect. 

At the same time, giving our team members the opportunity to work remotely when appropriate can also reduce exposure to illness. Workers that have the option to work remotely can reduce their proximity to others who may be sick. We also ensure our team members remain healthy throughout the year with award-winning benefits and generous paid time off. 

Overall, remote work can offer a range of health benefits for workers and a healthy environment for our communities. This contributes to improved well-being and quality of life for all. Those looking for a healthier environment where happiness thrives can check out career opportunities at KarsunCareers.com.

Like Peloton bikes and sourdough starters, the pandemic-influenced remote work era might be coming to an end according to a recent Workforce Report from LinkedIn. The report tracked, among other topics, the ongoing conversation around return-to-office initiatives. Using data from LinkedIn’s Economic Graph team, the report found employers’ paid remote work posting dropped from 20% in March 2022 to just 14% in November. 

While enforcing a hybrid schedule with a required number of days in the office per week or month increasingly becomes popular for some employers, we found our flexible approach allows our team members to select the workspace format that’s best for them while creating tangible benefits to our organization. Most roles at Karsun enable our team members to work either entirely remotely or in a hybrid approach if based near our Washington, D.C. region headquarters. This is enabled in part by Karsun’s consistent, ongoing commitment to building digital and in-person workspaces that support collaboration, experimentation, and innovation. 

Karsun supports experimentation and collaboration no matter the location. Prior to the pandemic, our Innovation Center launched an online innovation radar where an employee, regardless of whether they were part of a remote or in-person team, could submit an idea for our in-house R&D team to build, test, and validate. Each month these prototypes were demoed at Innovation Town Halls, featuring presenters from across the organization. After we moved to a work-from-home format during the pandemic, we transitioned these to virtual town halls. We embraced this opportunity to record our town halls, building a library promoting ongoing innovation at Karsun. 

Our new flexible workplace helped us grow in other ways. Karsun Academy, our professional development program, offered more recorded training, hosted virtual certification study groups, and increased our virtual lending library. Our employees’ skills and certifications grew even as the majority of us remained remote. 

The report mentions the loss of tribal knowledge as a potential drawback to remote work. Nevertheless, we grew our open-source InnerSource Library, creating 35+ reusable assets for our team. At the same time, our Practice Advocates added new resources for delivery teams to connect with subject matter experts, research solutions, and hone best practices. We found our flexible, employee-first mindset helped us scale our enterprise and helped our teams grow with Karsun. 

We also recognize connections outside of work encourage us to grow as a team. Virtual happy hours, fitness classes, and other employee groups continue even as we reopened our offices. Coffee with Leadership, a popular program where our co-founders chat with and get recommendations from small groups of employees, continues in a remote format. Our Herndon, Virginia offices also have the same pre-pandemic social spaces where teams can connect to play foosball, work out, brainstorm, or host a professional meetup. In this way, our teams connect in the way that works best for them. 

When we celebrated our 10th anniversary at the end of 2019 and shortly before the pandemic, we reaffirmed our commitment to an employee-centric workplace. For us, that includes building flexible environments where our team members thrive. We’re proud to create a space where our teams can work together, create innovative solutions that transform government, and Do Extraordinary. These teams are still growing and imagining the future together. We are currently hiring for remote and hybrid roles at KarsunCareers.com.

Karsun Solutions, the Enterprise Modernization Experts, announced the rollout of Konnect Anywhere. Konnect Anywhere is an employee-centric approach to today’s adapting work environment with an emphasis on collaboration, innovation, and delivery excellence.  This new approach enables multiple options for Karsun employees. Team members may remain remote, utilize Karsun collaborative workspaces in Northern Virginia, continue onsite support for specific customers or use a hybrid approach.

The Karsun Solution Headquarters is scheduled to re-open as a collaborative space in September 2021. Employees opting to spend part of their time in the office may reserve workstations using a hoteling tool included as part of the Karsun Konnect employee app. Teams may also reserve collaborative spaces. Video conferencing-equipped rooms include access to digital workplace tools created by the Karsun Innovation Center (KIC) designed to support mixed remote and in-person teams.

Karsun Teams have been remote since March 2020. Over the past year, Karsun invested heavily in digital workplace innovations to support its new remote-friendly environment. The Konnect Anywhere initiative represents a long-term commitment to supporting flexible, remote work for modern software development, cloud and data solution teams. It is also an extension of the 2021 #GrowWithKarsun program, an employee-centered professional development initiative. This program, when combined with the new Konnect Anywhere initiative, allows team members in any location to share and participate in Innovation Town Halls, Karsun Academy training workshops and Practice Areas lead by experts embedded with frontline delivery teams.

As part of this commitment Karsun will also continue its virtual recruiting program. As one of the region’s fastest growing companies it is hiring nationwide for both IT and development roles. From job fair to interview a Talent Acquisition specialist will guide prospective candidates throughout the virtual recruitment process.

Karsun currently hosts several Virtual National Open House events throughout the year. Prospective team members may receive information about upcoming virtual events by registering for the Talent Community located at KarsunCareers.com. Candidates may also browse the careers site for positions ranging from Full Stack Developer to Cloud Data Architect.

About Karsun Solutions

Karsun Solutions Konnect Anywhere

Karsun Solutions is a fast-growing, innovative, enterprise modernization firm recently named a Technology Industry Top Workplace and one of the Best Places to Work in Washington D.C. Its teams deliver modern software development, cloud and data solutions to customers at government agencies such as DHS, FAA and GSA. The Virginia Chamber of Commerce, Washington Business Journal, and Inc. all recognize Karsun Solutions among the fastest-growing companies in the Washington, D.C. region. It is an established firm with a DCAA Approved Accounting System and CMMI Level 5 – DEV appraisal, plus both the AWS Government Competency and AWS Migration Competency designations. It also holds ISO 9001, ISO 20000 and ISO 27001 certifications.

When our leadership revealed its vision for the next decade at the start of 2020 they could not anticipate the challenges of a global pandemic. Nevertheless, even then Karsun had already created the infrastructure to allow our teams to grow remotely together. This year we celebrated continued recognition as one of the fastest-growing companies in the country. As we scaled in this remote environment we also affirmed our commitment to team member development welcoming new intern cohorts, sponsoring professional development programs, and introducing virtual training programs.

Longtime Programs Adapt to Virtual Work

Through New Remote Program Interns Grow with Karsun

Through our Karsun Innovation Center (KIC) Internship Program each of our interns has a voice in the future of our company. These interns support the Research and Development teams rolling out new tools and processes across our organization. Interns learn and grow during their time with us. Shadowing team members in our Innovation Center and customer delivery teams, they participate in cross-functional projects, sharing their insights with teams across the company.

Coffee with Leadership Goes Online

Launched in 2017, Coffee with Leadership is a longstanding monthly tradition at Karsun. During this open discussion, executive leadership hosts a small gathering with frontline team members. In this open forum anyone may share their experiences, make suggestions or discuss opportunities to improve work at Karsun. This year saw a transition to a remote format for Coffee with Leadership and the addition of a second monthly Brunch with Leadership group expanding the diversity of feedback across management levels. We included these breakfasts in Karsun’s new remote environment to ensure all employees have the opportunity to contribute to our vision for growth.

DataOps NoVa Launches Virtual Series

Hosted by Karsun’s Data Practice, DataOps NoVa is a monthly Meetup designed to introduce best practices and tools to the data, analytics, and IT community. Its DataOps 101 series was among the last of Karsun’s in-person training events at our Herndon, Virginia headquarters. This first series included discussions and demonstrations from DataOps vendors and an introduction to data encryption using middleware components presented by our Innovation Center.

StreamSets DataOps Workshop in Herndon, Virginia

After taking a short break from in-person events, the Meetup returned virtually in August. The new series will cover topics like data fabric, analytics foundations for MLOps, and vendor demos. The new format also allowed the team to expand outside Virginia hosting data experts from around the world. These new virtual sessions are published on the DataOps NoVa Meetup Page.

Karsun Leaders Grow Through Industry Groups and Fellowships

Karsun Executives Recognized as Industry Leaders

As Karsun celebrated its tenth year in operation and its tenth year supporting the American Council for Technology-Industry Advisory Council (ACT-IAC) our President, Terry Miller, was recognized in part for his leadership within the organization. In March 2020 Miller was named to FCW‘s prestigious Federal 100 list. This list includes 100 men and women who personify what’s possible in federal IT. He also served as the 2019 Industry Chair of ACT-IAC’s highly regarded Partners Program. This training and professional development curriculum pairs “rising star” leaders from government and industry. New under Miller’s leadership, the group formed three challenge teams to provide direct solutions to government agencies (GSA, NASA, SBA). He is also a graduate of the Partners Program and was the Chair of the Management of Change (MOC) event in 2013.

Also early in 2020, the College of Engineering Guindy Alumni Association of North America (CEGAANA) named Karsun CEO Sundar Vaidyanathan its 2020 Chairman of the Board. Sundar is committed to making the organization a self-sustaining entity. His ultimate goal is strengthening collaboration between students, the college and the alumni network.

Satish Alluri Graduates from Selective Fellowship Program

Meet Satish Alluri, the Deputy Program Manager for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Grants Management Modernization initiative. He graduated in 2020 from the selective ACT- IAC Voyagers Professional Development fellowship. In September we spotlighted this longtime Karsun team member. Over the course of his career he grew from a Senior Business Analyst to a leader in both our DHS FEMA and GSA programs. Learn how Satish grew with us here.

Karsun Concludes 2020 with Virtual Team Recognition Events

Both our FEMA and KIC celebrated successes transitioning from in-person to virtual work through team recognition at the end of 2020. While our FEMA program hosted team lunches, our Innovation Center recognized our Karsun Academy and Practice Area mentors during an Innovation All Hands event in November.

As an organization Karsun Solutions also celebrated with a holiday lunch in December 2020. Every team member had lunch delivered to them as Karsun looked back on contract wins, team events and other small victories throughout the year. It was a final opportunity for our leadership to say “Go Team Karsun! Thank you for all your hard work!”

Solving difficult problems drives the work at Karsun Solutions. One of those difficult problems included transitioning Karsun’s internship program, formerly based out of its Herndon, Virginia Headquarters, to a fully remote program. In this new virtual internship format, interns join a mentorship centered program designed to keep them connected and innovating even as they work remotely.

At Karsun Solutions the Internship Program is affiliated with the Karsun Innovation Center or KIC. As part of their virtual internship, each participant pairs up with a mentor from the KIC. Beyond introducing them to an innovative IT modernization culture, mentors provide continuous feedback so that interns may further develop and improve their skills.

Building a Digital Workplace with Karsun Konnect

As members of the Innovation Center, interns will envision the future of remote work. They will work directly with Karsun’s new digital workplace initiative, Karsun Konnect. This is a real-world application, designed for Karsun employees, which is created and maintained by the KIC. Upon completion, Konnect will include both an InnerSource library and provide workflow enhancements to the corporate functions serving Karsun teams.

Their work will involve collaborating with various stakeholders within the Operations, Talent, Human Resources, and Business Development teams, to identify areas of digital transformation. As part of this experience, interns will identify business requirements. Then they will learn to implement low-cost and efficient solutions within the identified constraints. Based on the business needs and feasibility, they next select appropriate software solutions. These solutions might include chatbots and other applications developed on no-code/low-code frameworks available under the Konnect platform.

An Immersive Innovation Center Experience

Interns will also participate in daily remote stand-ups and demo their projects weekly to Innovation Center leadership. Although remote these interns will also have the opportunity to present and engage with Karsun’s monthly virtual Innovation Town Halls. They may also participate in virtual training through monthly dojos and brown bags hosted by the KIC.

Some may continue their projects after completing their program. Graduates of three previous intern classes now continue their projects in the Karsun Innovation Center as full-time employees. Several of these former internship participants plan to participate as mentors or advisors for this year’s class. The KIC internship program is one of several outreach events designed to engage future IT professionals. In addition to engaging in other college hiring programs the organization previously sponsored a senior capstone project at George Mason University and hackathons at the University of Oklahoma and University of Southampton. Karsun accepts internship applications in the spring.

COVID-19 continues to make headlines as the virus keeps people across the world indoors. For many of us, this new normal includes working from home. Meanwhile, growing companies like Karsun Solutions still need to hire IT, development, and other technology professionals to fill their teams. As a result, phone and video interviews are becoming a widespread solution. To protect the health and safety of our candidates Karsun is among those companies hiring virtually. To help you prepare, we created this list of virtual interview tips and tricks.

Remember, a virtual interview is simply an interview that takes place remotely, sometimes over the phone, but often using technology like video conferencing and other online communication platforms. Like any other interview presenting yourself professionally is of the utmost importance. Below we review our top tips for virtual interviewing.

Virtual Interview Tips and Tricks

  1. Position yourself in a well-lit, quiet, clean space. It is essential to limit distractions by choosing a quiet, well-lit, neutral, and clean space to conduct your interview.
  2. Check and test your technology several times before the interview to ensure a successful session. Make sure you understand how both the camera and the microphone work on your device.
  3. Don’t sit to close or too far from the computer. Sitting up straight also naturally gives you a bit more energy and helps you communicate your excitement about the company. If you rely on body language to communicate and engage interviewers, make sure your hands and upper body are visible on camera.
  4. Visit the company’s careers page before the interview. Research the company and write down a few notes. It is best if you have only a few quick notes in front of you and glance at them sparingly. You should be ready to speak in-depth about why you want to join the company, how its mission resonates with you, and the value you will bring to the specific role.
  5. Setup a mock video interview with someone, like a friend. Practice common questions. Ask your mock interviewer for feedback. This will help you feel prepared for your interview.
  6. Be on time, be prepared, and dress professionally. Treat this as an in-office interview. Match your look to that of the organization’s office-based colleagues. Browse the company’s website and social feeds for clues to its dress code.
  7. Be personable! Be yourself! Be prepared and practice but do not memorize. You don’t want to sound robotic throughout your interview.
  8. Within 24 hours of the interview, send an individual thank you email to everyone you met. Not only will it show you value their time, but it provides you the opportunity to sell yourself. Use this opportunity to express the unique strengths you bring to the role or share any talking points you forgot to address.

Virtual interviewing is similar to interviewing in person. Practicing both answering questions and the interview technology will set you on the path for success. More importantly, using these tips may just land you your next IT job. If you are Full Stack Developer, DevSecOps Engineer, SDET, or other IT modernization expert that dream position might be at Karsun Solutions. Visit KarsunCareers.com apply today!

Like most organizations, in early March our teams moved to remote work. As we transitioned online we continued scaling up resources across our programs. While we are no longer together in person, we are working hard to integrate our newest team members while maintaining connections within our established teams. Below we share some of the steps our teams are taking to come together and Be Greater throughout this uncertain time.

Scaling Together

In September 2019 we moved into our new corporate headquarters in Herndon, Virginia. Even as we settled into this new space, our rapid growth required the build-out of an additional office at our Worldgate campus. Our Operations crew’s commitment to preparing this space ensures we will be able to move in as soon as our offices are safe to occupy.  While we cannot see each other in person, we hope to celebrate our office expansion alongside you later this year.

Many new team members will also join us remotely. We continue hiring for our teams in both Oklahoma and Virginia as our rapid growth continues. In fact, in March, Karsun again received recognition from the Washington Business Journal which ranked us among the Largest Minority-Owned Businesses in the Washington, D.C. area.

To protect our team members during our ongoing recruiting surge, all talent operations are now virtual. Candidates should still apply through our jobs portal. They can also connect directly with the team by emailing talent@karsun-llc.com. Once they are in the system a member of our team will contact them with further details.

Connecting with Leadership

Just as our Talent Team presses onward with recruiting, our orientation process continues for new hires. Even as we transitioned online a dozen new team members joined us in March. These represent groups from our Innovation Center and Contracts groups to teams serving agencies including FEMA, FAA, and GSA.

Karsun Co-Founder and Chief Architect Kartik Mecheri hosts a Q&A session with new hires in 2019.

The highlight for many employees joining Karsun is the opportunities available to connect with our leadership team. As part of our remote operations, Karsun’s Coffee with Leadership program also moved to a virtual format. In this popular program 10-12 employees each month are invited to grab a bagel, a cup of coffee, and then share their experience with the Karsun executive team. Every employee has the opportunity to participate in these intimate listening sessions. In its new format team members join the discussion from the comfort of their home. At the same time, they maintain the connection with senior leadership that is Karun’s hallmark.

While the path ahead is uncertain, Karsun is dedicated to embracing the innovative principles necessary to adapt to a changing world. Our corporate teams bring the same level of creativity to these challenges that they bring to difficult problems facing our teams and customers. Join us as we discover new solutions for today’s uncertain times while charting a better path forward.

As we adapt to government recommendations regarding COVID-19, maintaining the safety of prospective candidates and Karsun staff is our top priority. As a result, our Talent Team and hiring managers have moved to remote work. In addition to protecting our team members, we also want to ensure public safety. As of this week, we are either postponing or moving Karsun hosted events online until further notice.

Subsequently, our job interviews are also moving to a virtual format. Our Talent Acquisition Specialists will provide instructions when scheduling upcoming interviews. Candidates may also connect directly with our team on LinkedIn. Simply click the pictures in the upper right-hand corner for the LinkedIn information for each of our Talent Acquisition Specialists or email talent@karsun-llc.com.

Hiring in Oklahoma and Virginia

We are still hiring for both our Oklahoma and Virginia locations! Even in this uncertain time, we are filling roles across our organization. Our teams are growing to serve customers at agencies like FEMA, FAA, and GSA. Outlined below are some of our most recent hot jobs. Each week we share these top openings here on our website. We will continue sharing those opportunities here as they are available.

About Karsun Solutions

Karsun Solutions is a fast-growing, innovative enterprise modernization firm. Recently awarded Best Company Culture by Comparably.com, its teams deliver modern software development, cloud, and data solutions to customers at government agencies including the Department of Homeland Security, Federal Aviation Administration and General Services Administration. Leveraging GoLean, Karsun teams drive digital transformation and help its government customers Do Extraordinary. Learn more at Karsun-LLC.com.