Co-Founder and Chief Architect

Kartik Mecheri

Kartik Mecheri is Co-Founder and Chief Architect of Karsun Solutions. Kartik sets the vision for leveraging technology and innovation for Enterprise Transformation efforts for our clients. He is a leader in designing transformational modernization solutions building on Modern Software Development, Cloud Solutions, Microservices and asset re-use. Kartik has spurred agile development in large agencies with an eye to boosting efficiency. He has been instrumental in helping them move away from traditional waterfall development to agile and other methods that stress communication, collaboration and use of the cloud. Kartik is a trusted advisor to senior government executives on the latest technologies enabling them to take advantage of benefits with emerging technologies. Kartik is also a renowned thought leader in the Federal Information Technology industry and has published studies, journals and white papers. He has also authored and presented for Government Clients at high profile conferences. Kartik holds Master’s Degrees in Engineering from Bradley University. Kartik was awarded FCW’s Federal 100 award in 2014 for his contribution to transform large agencies and providing a vision for modern software development leveraging cloud solutions.