Kartik Mecheri on Red Hat for Government ModernizationKarsun Solutions Co-Founder and Chief Architect Kartik Mecheri recently sat in on Red Hat’s application modernization for government agencies IT Roundtable. Over the course of 40 minutes, this expert panel discussed DevOps, cloud migration, and microservices architecture at scale.

Initially, Mecheri identifies three paths to DevOps success: a bottom-up CI/CD approach, a top-down performance-focused approach, and an approach focused on loosely coupled architecture. Karsun manifests the combination of the bottom up and top-down approaches through the Continuous Governance life cycle.

He also identifies how working within the established process and culture is key to customer success, and urges teams to seek out opportunities to leverage the cloud’s flexibility and agility to beat bureaucracy. Karsun’s Cloud Runways, for instance, uses platforms that are currently available while focusing on opportunities to utilize cloud-native capabilities already in place. By combining GoLean for DevOps governance, Cloud Runways, and microservices architecture Karsun built modernization solutions for their customers with limited impact on service lines.

The roundtable is available on demand through Red Hat and available here.