Jyothi Salibindla, a Senior Software Engineer at Karsun Solutions, recently gave two talks on the power of microservices to drive adoption of Modern Software Development practices. On January 26th, she presented at the Wonder Women Tech Washington, DC Global Summit. This intimate one-day event featured C-Suite executives, innovators, and thought leaders. The following day, January 27th, she presented on Microservices Architecture Methodology at IEEE’s Women in Engineering Technical Talks.

In her presentation, Salibindla, attributes the rising popularity of microservices to evolving trends in software development and management practices.  Organizations implementing Agile methodology, DevOps culture, Cloud Solutions, Linux containers, and Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) practices are empowered by microservices’ composable, independently deployable, fine-grained modules which scale up and down, vertically and horizontally. Leveraging microservices organizations see gains in deployment, manageability, and speed to market.

Jyothi Salibindla is a Senior Software Engineer at Karsun Solutions. With an extensive expertise in all facets of the J2EE/BPM lifecycle, she played a critical role in the success of several Agile BPM implementations. She spearheaded complex cloud to cloud integration strategies and solution architecture touching multiple internal and external systems.