Karsun GoLean.io is a lean management toolkit created to address the essential missing link, Continuous Governance (CG) in Agile and DevOps Practices. This solution enables unprecedented facilitation of modern software development with a central focus on continuous governance. Designed with agile approaches (Agile, lean, Kanban and DevOps), Karsun GoLean.io comes preconfigured to enable best practices integrated into its development tool-chain.

Karsun GoLean.io empowers businesses to capitalize on evolving technologies and further develop innovative outcomes to engage with customers and entering new markets rapidly. The solution provides on-the-fly DevOps performance and diagnostic insights at the highest level of granularity. Process visualizations are rendered proactively as Karsun GoLean.io implements its well-orchestrated automations across the delivery pipeline. Gamification tools are also incorporated to establish healthy competition across teams, elevating IT organizational performance.

“Today Karsun is redefining the capability to help organizations become agile by cost-effectively developing and deploying software applications, pushing out new business features almost instantly to their customers as needed” – Kartik Mecheri, Karsun Co-Founder

Karsun Golean.io delivers detailed views of Key Performance, Health, and Diagnostic metrics across the dimensions of Progress, Code, Quality and DevOps. The solution’s visualizations ensure real-time predictive visibility to the code development, deployment, and operations. Using Karsun GoLean.io enables organizations to rapidly develop quality software, minimize failure rates and enable frequent releases with new features.

For more information, visit GoLean.io. Follow GoLean.io on Twitter at @goleanio – https://twitter.com/goleanio.

Join industry analyst Jason Bloomberg and the GoLean.io team for their ‘The DevOps Missing Link: Continuous Governance (CG)’ webinar on June 15th at 1:00pm EST. Register Here!

About Karsun Solutions:

Karsun Solutions was established in 2009 with a dedicated focus on helping organizations achieve true Enterprise Modernization. Its core competencies include Agile Development, Cloud Transformations and Advanced Analytics. Karsun has been recognized as one of the INC 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in 2015 and 2016. Its CEO, Sundar Vaidyanathan was awarded Washington SmartCEO’s ‘Future 50’ and its co-founder Kartik Mecheri was awarded FCW’s ‘Federal-100’. For more information, visit www.karsun-llc.com.