Sinduja Sankar’s internship pushed her out of her comfort zone, letting her experience building workflow solutions with new software and automation tools. In this interview, the Georgia Tech graduate student shares her experience working alongside the Karsun Innovation Center (KIC). Learn how working in the fast-paced center enriched Sinduja’s practice as she built a proof of concept using the open source business automation platform Kogito, presented at bi-weekly Innovation Center “Show, Don’t Tell” sessions and grew as an intern at Karsun.

First please tell us about yourself. Where are you going to school? What are you studying? What do you like to do in your free time?

I am Sinduja! I am currently pursuing my master’s in computer science at Georgia Tech. In my free time, I love exploring museums in the DMV area and trying out new local restaurants with my friends. I also enjoy reading and playing video games.

Could you share a little bit about the project you worked on as part of this internship? What challenge does it solve? What technologies and tools are you using?

My project involves creating a proof of concept for a federal agency application using Kogito, an open source business automation platform for managing workflows. This would reduce the amount of code written significantly to manage the automation of workflows. The task involved understanding the existing workflow in a large code repository and redesigning the workflow iteratively with other developers. The workflow automates processes and decision-making, thereby making it more efficient and adaptive.

What is your favorite part about working with the Karsun Innovation Center? Is there a weekly meeting or ritual you enjoy? The opportunity to learn more or get a new certification?

The best part about working at Karsun is the supportive atmosphere. I am genuinely grateful to be part of such a wonderful group. The “Show, Don’t Tell” sessions which happen every two weeks are very interesting and give us a bird’s-eye view of what everyone is working on. I also really appreciate the intellectually stimulating nature of every project undertaken by KIC and the opportunity to work with the latest tools and technologies.

What is your biggest takeaway from your experience as an intern at Karsun?

As an intern, my key takeaway is that change is constant. Throughout the internship, I’ve experienced various forms of change, from adapting to a new environment to taking up responsibilities out of my comfort zone by experimenting with new software. I am grateful for this experience as it has taught me to be open-minded and adaptable.  

Sinduja’s internship supported work performed by the Karsun Innovation Center. Learn how the Research and Development teams in the center created proof of concepts, prototype solutions and investigate emerging technologies. Connect with Sinduja on LinkedIn to learn more about her internship experience.