HERNDON, VA – The United States General Services Administration (GSA) awarded Karsun Solutions LLC a spot on the CIO Modernization and Enterprise Transformation (COMET) blanket purchase agreement (BPA). COMET is intended to create a multiple award BPA on GSA’s IT Schedule 70. BPA awards were made to twelve companies.

COMET modernizes mission critical applications at GSA. It is the IT services vehicle for the Federal Acquisition Service (FAS). COMET replaces the CIO Application, Maintenance, Enhancements and Operations (CAMEO) contract which GSA awarded in 2014.

“We are thrilled for the opportunity to continue our transformational work at GSA,” said Chief Executive Officer Sundar Vaidyanathan. “Innovative solutions are part of our DNA and have been our hallmark since our founding.”

“Enterprise transformation at GSA is integral to the government modernization practice at Karsun Solutions and we are very happy to be able to continue our more than 15-year history of helping drive innovative IT modernization practices within GSA FAS,” said Chief Architect, Kartik Mecheri.

In 2018, Karsun Solutions was awarded the $35 million GSA Database and Middleware Systems (DMS) task order through the Alliant Solutions Partner LLC JV.  Under that single award contract, Karsun supports the GSA’s Office of the Chief Information Officer (GSA IT) through services to manage, support and modernize its database and application middleware server infrastructure.  This same JV was the prime on the $121 million CAMEO SB contract which was one of the predecessor contracts to COMET.


About Karsun Solutions

Karsun Solutions modernizes enterprise systems enabling agencies to make the next technological advancement their next opportunity to elevate mission capability. IT solutions from Karsun are tailored to meet agencies’ unique needs and optimize operations. These solutions adapt and stay relevant with current trends while using secure, digital architecture built to last. It is a proven modernization partner whose expertise elevates agency capabilities and ensures every next opportunity is within reach.