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FAA Software Solution Delivery Support Services

Karsun serves the aviation industry under our $308 million five year FAA Software Solution Delivery (SSD) Support Services contract. Karsun delivers digital and modernization capabilities to the office of information and technology (AIT) and Chief Data Office (CDO) to provide a broad range of digital and modernization capabilities for different mission critical FAA business lines such as Aviation Safety (AVS), Air Traffic Organization (ATO) and the Office of Finance and Management (AFN). Using our innovation center and advanced toolkits, we lead multiple task orders in enterprise architecture, digital transformation services, cloud suitability & migration, CI/CD with DevSecOps, enterprise-wide sustainment, data solutions and identity management.

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Aviation Modernization Capabilities

Digital Transformation: Our approach of combining human centered design with cloud native and low code expertise led to successful delivery and deployment of multiple large projects adopted by thousands of users across the country. We consistently brought cost efficiencies and the business benefits of faster release cycles so end users could get desired features on their schedule. Our acceptance test driven development (ATTD) and Karsun’s GoLean practices elevated agile adoption and delivery to predictable quality outcomes.

Cloud Suitability and Migration: Karsun’s continuous innovation and our actionable cloud suitability analysis migrated several legacy applications to the AWS cloud in the most cost effective manner. Using our partnerships with top industry vendors, Karsun brought best practices to identify migration candidates for as-is, re-host, re-platform, and re-write for accelerated migrations to the cloud.

CI/CD with DevSecOps: Karsun worked with the existing FAA infrastructure and processes while incrementally helping them achieve pure DevSecOps processes. FAA adopted these standard DevSecOps processes across greenfield and legacy applications. For example, we completely decommissioned their IBM BPM practice through DevSecOps and modern software agile development with annual cost savings of $4.5M.

Enterprise- Wide Sustainment: Karsun made many legacy applications cloud native and 12 factors compliant for faster release cycles. Our GoLean kit and Agile adoption achieved cost and schedule efficiencies while reducing security vulnerabilities. We established and tracked actionable metrics for most FAA sustainment applications to help business users make informed funding decisions on feature priority.

Data Solutions: We support AIT’s CDO practice with data mining, analytics, and stream set solutions while rapidly delivering data capabilities such as data storage and virtualization. Our expert practitioners, including data architects and data scientists, provide an end to end data vision with integration capabilities to legacy systems.

Business Process Management Modernization

In this BPM modernization case study the Karsun Cloud Solutions team uses AWS resources to migrate away from a complex BPM COTS product. Their goal was to reduce costs by ...