Blending Simple and Complex Functionality

The Microservices Challenge

Customer agencies have hundreds of small workflow automation and record capture applications. At the same time, these agences also have complex mission critical applications with millions of lines of code. Eventually in a cloud environment both these types of legacy applications have to be refactored into microservices that are similar in functional size and symmetrical in architecture to become cloud-native services.

Cloud Native Development

Our Solution

Using our Dxμ Microservices Toolkit Karsun developers rapidly develop microservices and serverless applications. Utilizing hexagonal architecture and 12 Factor cloud native standards they build evolutionary cloud services.

We iteratively built a low-code serverless framework to rapidly develop and address these microservices challenges. This MESH framework employs an analytical technique based on industry popular event storming. This process identifies and optimizes our approach to cloud native services.


This serverless reference implementation and low-code web application generation tool that is 12 Factor compliant.

  • A framework of pre-configured functions that integrate together through an API gateway that allows extension in functionality through a plugin based model.
  • Provides a pre-configured DevSecOps pipeline to reduce startup and ramp up time by up to 50%.
  • Utilize Function as a Service and S3 to delivery highly scalable applications with minimal costs.
  • Provide Building blocks through core reusable Serverless Components.
  • Support components built using different technologies.

Currently available components:

  • Authentication using SAML, Active Directory and OpenID
  • Authorization using RBAC
  • Automated token validation for all client and server requests with RBAC
  • User Management
  • Workflow Management
  • Dynamic Forms based data capture
  • RBAC for individual sections of the Dynamic Forms
  • Attachment management using S3 / File storage options
  • Data Export for pre-configured PDF forms
  • Notification platform supporting email
MESH Framework

Customer Success Story

A Karsun customer needed a low-code development path. A MESH framework eForms implementation was used to migrate Lotus Notes applications and automate forms quickly.