Modern Interfaces

Rapid Design

A proven set of processes, tools, templates and reusable assets enable rapid UI/UX design. Karsun’s Dxμ Digital Transformation toolkit ensures our designers and developers deliver modern web interfaces using React, Angular and AWS Serverless technologies.

Featured Use Case

In Action

For one federal customer, our Digital Transformation toolkit accelerated delivery of the project’s Minimum Viable Product. This was deployed and provided Authority-to-Operate(ATO) in production and within an unprecedented timeframe of 6 weeks.

REACT Design Framework

This reference implementation and no-code REACT form generation tool enables rapid development of high fidelity UI prototypes. This U.S. Web Design System (USWDS) USWS Design Standards complaint interfaces. The framework accelerates evolution from prototype into a production code. Enabling an iterative feedback cycle between users, designer and developers creates true experimentation for effective human centered design.

Our framework contains:

  • Our “system of components” contains 40 REACT atomic, complex (Molecules & Organisms) and layout components developed and maintained in component library. These library includes add-ons and components explorer and ensures components are independently versioned. Thus components also become the means to maintain uniformity and reduce rework.
  • The framework contains a dynamic rendering component that utilizes a declarative JSON forms definition to render the REACT components.
  • We leverage the React.js flexible library to build view components. React.js is not a monolithic library and can be integrated with other best libraries to create presentation layers.