Our Data Solutions toolkits combine expertise in DataOps, Data Platforms and AI/ML with proven resources. Our offerings focus on core data solutions currently with enhancements backed by the Karsun Data Practice.

No Code Solution

Customer Success Story

A Karsun customer needed a no-code approach migrate data out of an Oracle database to reduce licensing fees and drive savings for its business customers. Using our DataOps toolkit, we migrated 10+ legacy applications to open source technologies, both with data center based standard database deployment as well as AWS RDS.

Data Solutions Assets

Playbooks, tools, frameworks and starter kits for data success

This low code/no code solution drives simplified yet sophisticated data management and governance. The toolkit enables data governance, privacy and security configuration, management and audit in a single pane of glass.

Oracle Migration Tool
Our Oracle Migration Tool enables developers and data engineers to adapt a containerized service with low-code technologies to perform stream and batch based data transformation in addition to quality management of legacy data in Oracle. It enables incremental and secure migration of data into an open source database technology or cloud database service.

This low code/no code solution for simplified yet sophisticated data pipelines for migration and analytical purposes that reduces the burden of complex ETL implementation while improving overall data security, lineage and labeling that simplifies data movement while allowing for democratization of data in a predictable manner.

Test Data Delivery
Our Test Data Delivery tool provides a masking and encryption mechanism to deliver production data in lower environments using open source tools.

This solution enables automation for the modeling and analytics lifecycle. Using this toolkit Karsun teams share data pipelines reducing data preparation time. Leveraging these resources our teams collaborate on model development and algorithms and reduce time to decisions through automation capabilities.