Unified Platform

Our AI Approach

One of the most powerful technologies in human history, impacting all industries, including Government agencies and the citizens they serve. Given this imperative, Karsun meets this challenge and assists you in harvesting classes of data from your enterprise while delivering value by employing cognitive capabilities.

We maximize AI throughput by utilizing Karsun’s Unified GoAI platform. The unified GoAI platform is a six-step process with the Observe, Orient, Decide, Act (OODA) loop embedded in decision-making. Our platform focuses on quickly distilling available information, placing it in context, and quickly making the most appropriate decision while transforming as more data becomes available.

The platform provides an out-of-the-box approach that enables continuous lifecycle management for intelligent solutions right from system design through development and post-deployment care to help you hone the effectiveness of the cognitive system. Our innovative teams are well equipped to deliver end-to-end AI and ML services covering everything from the design to the development and delivery of AI solutions with a strong emphasis on AI ethics to recognize and eliminate bias, errors, and failures. At the same time, we embrace Security by Design to protect data, model, model inferences, and infrastructure from cyber-attacks.

Unified AI Platform Offerings

Open Architectures & Elastic Software Development

Accelerate new or existing component augmentation, reinforce ongoing innovation and kickstart machine learning earlier by employing synthetic data.

Synthetic Data Platform

Rapidly model, prototype, verify data feasibility, plan resources, test, redact PII, and leverage ModelOps to learn, fail, and recover faster.

Addressing The AI/ML Challenge

Innovation Week

Hosted by our Innovation Center teams from across Karsun come together to learn, experiment and build. Breaking into two teams 2021 AI/ML Innovation Week participants created Assisted Development and Interview Bot solutions in a weeklong hackathon.

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