Meet Evolving Fleet Needs Now

Our fleet management experts assess future state requirements to meet evolving needs from telematics to fleet electrification. Our architecture is built to adapt to changing mission requirements, and that begins with assessing future state requirements to understand an agency’s evolving needs. Using domain driven microservices architecture we have modernized the business process lifecycle fleet management customers that included acquisition, leasing, maintenance and disposal.

Embrace Complexity

Our enterprise modernization experts have more than a decade of experience transforming complex, legacy systems. Our toolkits, reusable assets based on these successful engagements, increase cost-effectiveness and achieve organizational outcomes faster for our customers. We optimize as we modernize, building enhanced data reporting solutions or pairing our fleet management experience with extensive grants management experience to support agencies seeking to enhance the experience for their constituent organizations.


Lean Methods

We maximize flow, ensure efficient implementation, and automate configuration and change management using DevSecOps and SRE best practices.

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Outcomes-Driven Guidance and Control

Our CMMI v2.0 Level 5 DEV based performance management system continually adjusts execution to adhere to performance objectives and SLAs.

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Data Solutions

Expert practitioners, including data architects and data scientists, provide an end to end data vision with integration of legacy systems.

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Customers and Contracts

GSA Fleet

The FLEET Modernization Advanced Fleet Platform (AFP) Task Order is a five-year award with a ceiling value of $75 million.

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Modernization is more than applying new technology; it’s applying essential technology. At Karsun Solutions, commitment to client mission drives everything we do. We understand how IT impacts mission, and find ways to improve infrastructure and applications. We see beyond the SOW, holistically assessing client goals and tailoring modernization services to best support agency outcomes. Our Innovation Center produces adaptive IT solutions that push the envelope in what’s possible to meet unique client needs and enable success. With a deep understanding of mission, Karsun empowers agencies to turn the next technology into the next opportunity.