Karsun Solutions cloud modernization experts enable the safe transition away from expensive legacy technologies. As an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Consulting Partner, we leverage the AWS catalog as a key component in these cloud solutions. In this case study series, the Karsun Solutions Cloud Practice shares recent cloud migration success stories.

The Customer

GSA Federal Acquisition Systems (FAS) was mandated to establish an AWS based integrated platform for applications, data and analytics. FAS Cloud Services platform would fast track cloud modernization for the entire GSA.

The Challenge

Based on the new GSA Regulation (Federal Register Notice), published on June 23, 2016, GSA mandated its MAS and Non-MAS vendors must electronically report the price paid for a product item or service purchased through GSA acquisition vehicles on a monthly basis. The existing legacy systems/processes were only capable of handling quarterly reporting and did not provide unified reporting capability to support the new GSAR ruling.

The Solution

GSA’s FAS Sales Reporting Portal is a new modernization project successfully implemented in AWS in October 2016. A web-based enterprise-wide application, it processes and stores monthly transactional data and quarterly sales reported by the MAS and Non-MAS GSA contractors while calculating Industrial Funding Fees and Contract Access Fees based on the total sales reported.

AWS ServicesOther Tools
Karsun used EC2, S3, RDS, ALB, CloudWatch, DMS and Lambda Functions.Karsun experts used Jenkins, Tableau, Pentaho and Attivio for this solution.


Smarter Acquisitions Decisions

The Result

Karsun implemented a modernized transactional reporting system to support the government-wide category management initiatives by producing market intelligence. Now GSA and its partner agencies may use that information to make smarter acquisition decisions increasing the taxpayer dollars saved by those agencies. This significantly increased the FAS market share and resulted in cost savings for GSA.

Other benefits included:

  • Increased accuracy, traceability, and transparency in sales and fees collection for both vendors
  • GSA Eliminated Price Reduction Clause (PRC) tracking and Commercial Sales Practice (CSP) submission requirements for vendors
  • Reduced system footprint leading to lower Operation & Maintenance costs Decommissioned and/or consolidated over ten disparate legacy quarterly sales applications

About Karsun Solutions

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About the Engagement

Karsun initially performed this work under the its GSA CAMEO program. This contract was a predecessor to the GSA COMET BPA which Karsun was awarded in 2019. Its ongoing work with GSA FAS leverages this acquisitions experience through GSA COMET.

Sales Reporting Portal Application Modernization

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Learn how, as part of its Sales Reporting Portal project, Karsun modernized and centralized a fee remittance application.