Karsun Solutions Awarded $75 Million GSA Fleet Task Order Under COMET BPA

HERNDON, VA – The General Services Administration awarded Karsun Solutions, LLC the FLEET Modernization Advanced Fleet Platform (AFP) Task Order. This is a five-year award with a ceiling value of $75 million. Karsun Solutions is an enterprise modernization firm with multiple engagements at GSA.

GSA strives to provide the right vehicle at the right price with great service to its customers and emphasizes a focus on the data required to effectively and efficiently manage its Fleet.  GSA offers purchasing programs, leasing programs, short-term rentals, and ancillary services such as telematics and tolling.  GSA’s modernization goal is to create an intuitive, agile, and integrated systems environment that facilitates and streamlines all aspects of Fleet Management functions from the customer, supplier, and GSA Fleet employee perspectives.   

GSA awarded the task order under the CIO Modernization and Enterprise Transformation (COMET) blanket purchase agreement (BPA). Supporting the Federal Acquisition Service (FAS), the COMET task orders modify and simplify the governmentwide acquisition of $50 billion in goods and services from private-sector partners. Among those is the fleet management platform through the FLEET AFP task order. The GSA Fleet award is one of the first major modernization efforts to be awarded under the COMET BPA.

“We recognize this is a major modernization initiative for the government,” said Kartik Mecheri, Karsun Solutions Co-Founder and Chief Architect. “Backed by a strong team and innovative spirit we will advance the Fleet platform through our modern software development practices and technologies.”

This is the organization’s second award under the COMET BPA. In June it announced it was awarded the GSA Enhanced Checkout (GECO) Task Order. At the time, it was among the first companies to receive a task order under the vehicle awarded last year. In total, twelve companies were awarded a spot on the multiple award COMET BPA. Download the complete Karsun COMET Fact Sheet at karsun-llc.com/comet-fact-sheet.

In addition to the task orders under the COMET BPA, the modernization firm supports GSA through two other contracts. In the first half of 2020, the GSA awarded it a spot on the Enterprise Data Information Management (EDIM) blanket purchase agreement (BPA). It also currently executes the Database and Middleware Systems Task Order awarded by GSA in 2018. That task order is a five-year contract with a ceiling of $35 million.

About Karsun Solutions

Karsun Solutions modernizes enterprise systems enabling agencies to make the next technological advancement their next opportunity to elevate mission capability. IT solutions from Karsun are tailored to meet agencies’ unique needs and optimize operations. These solutions adapt and stay relevant to current trends while using secure, digital architecture built to last. It is a proven modernization partner whose expertise elevates agency capabilities and ensures every next opportunity is within reach.

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