Innovation from Karsun: Scalable Microservices

Shan Palanivelu and Badri Sriraman, experts from the Karsun Innovation Center, spoke at DevFestDC on June 8, 2018 at the Sheraton Tysons Corner. DevFestDC brings together developers working with emerging technologies. Badri and Shan shared work from the in-house research and development team at the Karsun Innovation Center (KIC). This team analyzes emerging technology trends and via continuous experimentation it creates original prototypes to solve difficult business challenges facing Karsun customers. It ensures program teams have modernization solutions for their every next.

Data Pipelines on Kubernetes

In their talk Shan and Badri described creating scalable microservices using architectural patterns like Event Sourcing and Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS). Beyond scalability these patterns improve stability while enhancing performance.

In the case study they shared, the team applied data pipelines and Kubernetes. They leveraged Pachyderm to build these data pipelines. These can then act as anti-corruption layer between various bounded contexts in the system.

The KIC continues to refine the processes demonstrated in this talk. Ongoing innovation allows Karsun teams to deliver microservices and cloud native development at scale. For the latest capabilities and solutions learn more about Karsun’s modern software development.

About Our Innovation Experts

Shan Palanivelu has over 14 years of experience in software development doing software design, architecture and full stack development. He is currently focused on developing and deploying microservices at scale and doing DevOps at scale.

Badri Sriraman, Senior Vice President Karsun Innovation Center (KIC) is the organization’s Chief Innovator. He develops the vision for software-intensive systems and products at Karsun. He is an accomplished Senior IT Architect, with over 22 years in developing solutions to modernize enterprise IT systems for superior performance against the business mission.

Known as the Chief Disruptor, he leads the KIC which harnesses emerging innovations and experience from existing delivery engagements into sets of core capabilities. He leads initiatives to prototype solutions to current and real-life business challenges using cutting-edge technologies. Innovation Center Practice Areas rally teams around agile and lean methods, processes and DevOps tools to develop innovations that overcome inherent trade-offs and preempting risk defies assumptions.