Karsun Solutions’ Aditi Mulay joins the speaker lineup at All Day DevOps (ADDO) on October 28, 2021. In her talk, she describes how Karsun achieved DevOps automation for 60+ applications in less than a year for one of the organization’s government customers. In this informative workshop, listeners will learn how to create Jenkinsfiles to achieve the same type of efficiencies as the Karsun engineering team.

All Day DevOps is the world’s largest DevOps gathering. The sixth annual event features more than 180 speakers and 24 hours of free virtual content. Topics include CI/CD, Modern Infrastructure, DevSecOps, Cultural Transformation, Site Reliability Engineering and Government. Register for this year’s event and access content from the past at www.alldaydevops.com.

DevOps Automation for 60+ Applications

Aditi’s talk is featured in the CI/CD Continuous Everything track. In her talk, she describes how her Karsun team achieved DevOps Automation for 60-plus applications in less than a year! Through this enterprise modernization strategy, Karsun made many legacy applications cloud native and laid the groundwork for faster release cycles. The team’s efforts achieved cost and schedule efficiencies while reducing security vulnerabilities. They established and tracked actionable metrics to help business users make informed funding decisions on feature priority.

Tune for Aditi’s session to learn how the team built a complex automation pipeline that performs scan, build, release and test while giving teams the flexibility to customize the pipeline to their needs. In her talk she demonstrates what a Jenkinsfile is, how to set it up and use it to perform scan, build, deploy and testing. She also discusses ways to customize it for different tech stacks and use it as a standard template.

About Aditi Mulay

Aditi Mulay leads a team of engineers that develop testing guidelines and practices, implement automation and modernize applications. She previously appeared at conferences including Agile Alliance’s annual North American Conference, SeleniumConf and Agile Testing Days. She is also a trainer and mentor to Karsun’s Quality Assurance teams. With work in nearly every software development role from developer, automation, and DevOps to project management her ten years plus experience spans domains including education, advertisement and the government sector.

About Karsun Solutions

Karsun Solutions modernizes enterprise systems enabling agencies to make the next technological advancement their next opportunity to elevate mission capability. IT solutions from Karsun are tailored to meet agencies’ unique needs and optimize operations. These solutions adapt and stay relevant to current trends while using secure, digital architecture built to last. It is a proven modernization partner whose expertise elevates agency capabilities and ensures every next opportunity is within reach.