Contract Vehicles / GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS)

GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS)

Both Karsun Solutions and KHS Technologies, a mentor-protege joint venture between Karsun Solutions and Mindcubed are listed under the U.S. General Services Administration’s Multiple Award Schedule (MAS).

Karsun Solutions GSA MAS Contract No. GS-35F-0580X

Period of Performance: 9/6/2011 – 9/5/2026

Special Item No. (SIN)
  • 54151S (formerly SIN 132-51) IT Professional Services
  • FPDS Code D302 IT and Telecom – Systems Development
  • FPDS Code D306 IT and Telecom – Systems Analysis
  • FPDS Code D307 IT and Telecom – IT Strategy and Architecture
  • FPDS Code D308 IT and Telecom – Programming Services
  • FPDS Code D314 IT and Telecom – System Acquisition Support
  • FPDS Code R408 Professional Support – Program Management/Support
  • FPDS Code R425 Professional Support – Engineering/Technical
  • FPDS Code R415 Professional Support – Technology Sharing/Utilization

KHS Technologies, LLC (Joint Venture between Mindcubed and Karsun) GSA MAS Contract No.  47QTCA21D00EZ

Period of Performance: 09/13/2021 – 09/12/2026

Special Item No. (SIN)
  • 54151S (formerly SIN 132-51) IT Professional Services

Contact Information for KHS Technologies, LLC

KHS Technologies, LLC
3038 N Stafford ST
Arlington, VA 22207-4171
(703) 544-9697 ext 700