Continuing the momentum from the celebration of its first ten years in operation, Karsun Solutions’ leadership laid out its 2020 vision at a recent employee All Hands event. Employees gathered at the company’s new 75,000 square foot headquarters in Herndon, Virginia. Speaking to groups gathered in the new training rooms Co-Founder Kartik Mecheri and Sundar Vaidyanathan, along with the Karsun executive team, detailed an ambitious plan for 2020.

In their introduction the Mecheri and Vaidyanathan praised Karsun teams, observing they were responsible for the company’s rapid growth. They revealed organization-wide headcount grew by over 2400% and just over 1600% by revenue since its founding ten years ago. In preparation for the next decade, they discussed the company’s expanding senior leadership, strengthening of infrastructure, and planned roadmap.

Ben Marglin, Vice President Client Solutions, emphasized Karsun’s continued commitment to its customers across the U.S. government. Current customers include the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Transportation, and General Service Administration. Marglin praised delivery wins in all of the organization’s portfolios. He highlighted continuing growth among the delivery teams and the strength of Karsun’s staffing pipeline. He concluded with a commitment to support these core programs through the expansion of the Innovation Center and PMO resources.

Terry Miller, Chief Operating Officer, outlined plans for investment in Karsun’s next growth phase. The company continues to lead with a competency-based approach. This places capabilities in modern software development, cloud solutions, and advanced analytics at the forefront of the firm’s strategic vision. To grow these areas the organization plans to nurture proposal, capture, and solutions units including ramping up staffing and training initiatives.

Badri Sriraman, Vice President Innovation Center, and Sundar Vaidyanathan, CEO, present leadership's 2020 vision at an All Hands event.
Badri Sriraman, Vice President Innovation Center, and Sundar Vaidyanathan, CEO, present leadership’s 2020 vision at an All Hands event.

Included in this competency-based plan is a continued commitment to the Karsun Innovation Center (KIC). Badri Sriraman, Vice President Innovation Center, concluded the session by delving into new campaigns from each of the center’s five practice areas. As of 2019, Karsun announced publicly two practice areas, Data and DevSecOps. Under the new plan, KIC will establish an additional three practice areas Lean, Solution, and Development. Each of these is employee-centered, offering Work from KIC days, monthly Innovation Town Halls, and employee-led training. In order to connect all employees to the wealth of resources available through the KIC, participants were invited to take a quiz, pairing them with their ideal practice area.

As it cements its place among the contracting community, Karsun Solutions continues a commitment to enterprise modernization expertise. Beyond its founders’ broad vision it has a dedicated commitment to quality and innovation. In 2019 it was appraised at CMMI Level 5- DEV, a feat achieved by just over 50 teams at the time of its appraisal. It was also recognized by the Virginia Chamber of Commerce, Washington Business Journal, and Inc. for continuous year over year growth. As an emerging player, it was named to the Northern Virginia Technical Council Tech 100 and in early 2020 G2xchange’s NXT UP 2020 list. With continuing confidence in its key practice areas, Karsun Solutions is poised to Do Extraordinary in 2020 and beyond.