MCLEAN, VA – The Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce named Karsun Solutions, headquartered in Herndon, VA, among its Champions for Accountability today. The Greater Washington, D.C. area companies with this designation took the first step toward corporate diversity, collecting, reporting and acting on the demographic data on the composition of their owners, senior staff, and boards.

Champions for Accountability is a joint project between the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce and the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia. The Chamber also released the results of its 2023 Champions for Accountability survey. This landmark research project pooled from the Greater Washington D.C. region. To learn more and view the complete Champion for Accountability companies list, visit

In addition to reporting the composition of its leadership, Karsun remains committed to transparent hiring across its organization. It annually reports demographic data for its entire company to the Washington Business Journal, ranking 18th on the Journal’s Diversity Index for the percentage of its staff representing people of color. Additionally, its CEO, Sundar Vaidyanathan, was previously rated among Comparably’s Best CEOs for Diversity. This ranking is determined by the ratings of current employees from diverse groups.  Learn more about Karsun’s commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and its other corporate commitments at

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Transform your career with the company transforming possible for the government. Join the workplace where the only limit to your potential is the limit of your curiosity. Thrive in a community that empowers software development, cloud and data experts. At Karsun, explore every possibility and turn your bold ideas into reality.  Expand your career potential with dynamic development resources like Karsun Academy and sponsored technical certification courses. And joining a growing enterprise means as we grow, so do your career opportunities. Take your career to the next level and play your part in powering new possibilities for federal agencies. 

HERNDON, VA – Karsun Solutions has been named a Technology Industry Top Workplace 2023. The list is based solely on employee feedback gathered through a third-party survey administered by employee engagement technology partner Energage, LLC. The confidential survey uniquely measures 15 culture drivers critical to any organization’s success. This is Karsun’s second Top Workplaces award this year. It was previously named a 2023 Top Workplaces Culture Excellence Work-Life Flexibility winner.

“We are honored to be recognized among the technology companies leading the way in building a culture where every team member can thrive,” said Kelly Demaitre, Karsun Solutions Chief People Officer. 

With a remote-flexible culture, Karsun is committed to nurturing a people-first work environment. That includes investment in robust remote training, multiple synchronous and asynchronous forums for feedback, an in-depth digital resource library and virtual employee recognition events. With these tools, Karsun ensures any team member can engage in the best environment for them and their team. The in-house Karsun Innovation Center is also fully accessible to remote employees. 

In addition to its recent Top Workplaces Culture Excellence award, Karsun also received accolades from employee rating site Comparably. In June, Karsun announced its co-founder Sundar Vaidyanathan was named among Comparably’s Best CEOs for Diversity. Karsun was also ranked one of the Best Companies for Career Growth. Its Karsun Academy program subsidizes professional certifications, hosts workshops led by industry experts and ensures Karsun employees have the resources to grow their careers.

Karsun serves customers at federal civilian government agencies. It is currently hiring for remote roles nationwide. Highly sought-after roles include full stack developer, solution architect and product designer positions. Interested candidates may apply at

About Karsun Solutions

Transform your career with the company transforming possible for the government. Join the workplace where the only limit to your potential is the limit of your curiosity. Thrive in a community that empowers software development, cloud and data experts. At Karsun, explore every possibility and turn your bold ideas into reality.  Expand your career potential with dynamic development resources like Karsun Academy and sponsored technical certification courses. And joining a growing enterprise means as we grow, so do your career opportunities. Take your career to the next level and play your part in powering new possibilities for federal agencies. 

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Making the world a better place to work together.™

Energage is a purpose-driven company that helps organizations turn employee feedback into useful business intelligence and credible employer recognition through Top Workplaces. Built on 14 years of culture research and the results from 23 million employees surveyed across more than 70,000 organizations,  Energage delivers the most accurate competitive benchmark available. With access to a unique combination of patented analytic tools and expert guidance, Energage customers lead the competition with an engaged workforce and an opportunity to gain recognition for their people-first approach to culture. For more information or to nominate your organization, visit or

HERNDON, VA – Karsun Solutions, an enterprise IT modernization company, announced today its CEO, Sundar Vaidyanathan, was named among the Best CEOs for Diversity by Comparably. The award recognizes CEOs with the highest employee ratings from diverse groups on This is Vaidyanthan’s third consecutive year ranking on Comparably’s Best CEOS for Diversity.

“I am honored to receive this award,” said Vaidyanathan. “Thank you to all those who shared your experience at Karsun on Comparably.”

Comparably hosts ratings and reviews from current employees of companies of all sizes. Karsun previously won recognition from Comparably for Perks and Benefits, Happiness and Outlook. It also recently won a Top Workplaces Culture Award for Work-Life Flexibility. As part of its employee-centric culture, Karsun continually strives to create an environment where teams have the flexibility, security and resources to do their best work. It also encourages open feedback through various channels to improve its benefits, professional development and other perks for its team members. As a result of this feedback, it recently announced new paid parental leave policies and expanded PTO.

It is also a growing organization. To support this growth, many of its teams are hiring for remote roles. Karsun is currently hiring nationwide at

About Karsun Solutions

Transform your career with the company transforming possible for the government. Join the workplace where the only limit to your potential is the limit of your curiosity. Thrive in a community that empowers software development, cloud and data experts. At Karsun, explore every possibility and turn your bold ideas into reality.  Expand your career potential with dynamic development resources like Karsun Academy and sponsored technical certification courses. And joining a growing enterprise means as we grow, so do your career opportunities. Take your career to the next level and play your part in powering new possibilities for federal agencies. 

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About Comparably 

Comparably (now a ZoomInfo company) is a leading workplace culture and corporate brand reputation platform with over 15 million anonymous employee ratings on 70,000 companies. With the most comprehensive data on large and SMB organizations in nearly 20 different workplace categories – based on gender, ethnicity, age, experience, industry, location, education – it is one of the most used SaaS platforms for employer branding and a trusted third party site for workplace culture and compensation. For more information on Comparably and its annual Best Places to Work Awards, visit

This week the Washington Business Journal released its annual diversity index. We are proud to have appeared here and on the Journal’s other diverse businesses lists in the past. A critical part of building our diverse culture is a commitment to creating collaborative spaces and instilling teamwork across our organization.

It begins at the top. Our CEO and co-founder, Sundar Vaidyanathan, is a past winner of the Washington Business Journal’s Minority Business Leader Award. He was named to’s Best CEOs for Diversity in 2021 and 2022. This award is unique because the rankings are based on the reviews of diverse employee groups across Karsun. Those CEOs named to this list are recognized directly by their employees for their outstanding leadership.

“Teamwork and inclusivity are [the] most positive [part] about the culture and environment,” begins one Comparably review. Teamwork is one of our core values, and we pride ourselves on building an open and collaborative workplace. Again, much of this begins with our leadership. Each month a rotating group of employees is invited to participate in Coffee with Leadership. During these small virtual meetings, Karsun team members share feedback and concerns directly with our executive team with their recommendations to make Karsun an even better place to work. Lunch with Leadership gives managers the same opportunities to advocate on behalf of their teams.

Additionally, every employee has access to Karsun career pathing, a tool that allows them to view the pathway to every role at Karsun from entry-level through CEO. The tool suggests resources for an employee to progress and grow at Karsun. As a team growing together remotely, these resources are available to all team members regardless of their location via our Karsun Konnect app. 

We extend this commitment to growing diverse teams outside Karsun as well. We invest in supporting community organizations that enable people from diverse groups to grow in their careers. This includes organizations like TiE DC, which hosts entrepreneurship programs for current and future technology leaders. Or Women in Technology, which empowers women and girls exploring careers in STEM. Many of our senior leaders and executives also support industry organizations such as the American Council for Technology-Industry Advisory Council (ACT-IAC). 

While we are proud of past recognition for our diversity efforts, we are excited to see how the diverse experiences of our team members inspire us to build better solutions for our government customers. Teamwork and collaboration are core to the work we do. Learn more about meaningful opportunities to join our collaborative culture at

Each quarter we celebrate a special group of individuals at Karsun. These team members, nominated by their collaborators and leaders, embody our core values. Their work represents the values that drive us to deliver quality solutions to our U.S. government customers. 

A recent LinkedIn survey found 82% of U.S. workers said it is important that their company’s values align with their personal values. We know core values are important to our team members, which is why we honor our values throughout the year. And it is also the reason we take special care to recognize how excellence, innovation, teamwork, commitment, integrity, and fun all help us deliver exceptional solutions to our government customers.


At Karsun, we celebrate excellence in all we do. That includes recognizing team members who go the extra mile to learn or enhance their skills to deliver on a critical project. We also honor team members who take on new projects and responsibilities. We recently recognized a team leader who embodied both of these qualities. He stepped in to perform hands-on work when his team needed additional support. As a result, that team exceeded customer expectations on their project. When we recognize excellence, we honor both the outcome and the initiative, time, and effort required to obtain those results.


In addition to our monthly Innovation Town Halls, we also recognize some of our innovators during our quarterly awards ceremony. Every team member at Karsun has access to the Karsun Innovation Center, no matter their role. In one instance, a recent winner was celebrated for her work prototyping a synthetic data solution within a short time frame. This award also promotes work that may otherwise go unacknowledged publicly because it relates to confidential or proprietary projects. We use this opportunity to celebrate the members of our challenge teams that take on additional work beyond their usual duties to support new opportunities.


Our team champions and experts unite to build extraordinary solutions for our government customers. We honor the champions that implement better ways for their teams to work together. One of these team leaders was recognized for updating onboarding, reporting, and standard operating procedures for one of our helpdesk/operations and maintenance (O&M) teams. These major process improvements enhanced the relationship between his team and other teams, and our customers. A team member from our finance team was also recognized for similar process improvements. We celebrated her for not only improving productivity across teams but the way she builds trust and loyalty within her own team as well.


We are committed to building modernization solutions that are built to last. That commitment extends from our practice advocates in the Innovation Center to our delivery teams. As part of our organization-wide commitment to this cause, many of our team members pitch in to grow our company in a way that ensures we have knowledgeable experts on every team. Last fall, one of these individuals was recognized for his commitment to ensuring talented team members join Karsun during rapid growth. He dedicated his time to interviewing and was ultimately responsible for multiple new Software Development Engineers in Test (SDET) joining Karsun.


We conduct ourselves with honesty and fairness. That means doing the right thing for both our employees and our customers. That also includes acting proactively to ensure we do things the right way every time. We recently recognized a member of our quality assurance team for his management of our Software Process Engineering Group (SPEG). Under his management, that group is responsible for designing and executing quality assurance programs across Karsun teams to ensure we continually meet audit standards and best practices.


From day one, Karsun celebrated fun as one of our core values. That includes both a commitment to spending meaningful time together through events such as family picnics and team celebrations to ensuring our teams use their time in the way that is most efficient for them. Several of our core value award winners were recognized for going beyond one of the core values described above to improve the culture of their team. Nominations for our awards frequently mention how these stellar individuals improve team morale, bring empathy to their projects and improve the overall experience of working at Karsun.

Our core values inspire us to deliver extraordinary solutions to our government customers. These values are important to us, and we hope they might be important to you. If these stories inspired you to join a team where we honor and recognize strong values, then it is time to Find Your Next at

Remote work is no doubt popular with employees as demand for remote positions continues to grow. We have previously written about our commitment to flexible work environments, including remote work. Not only are remote and hybrid arrangements great for employee work-life balance, but they can also be great for the environment too. As part of our series this April examining the impact of Karsun’s work on the environment, we examine the ways in which remote work builds a healthier future for our communities and team members alike.

Remote work can conserve the environment in several ways. To begin with, by working remotely, employees can eliminate or significantly reduce their daily commute. That means fewer cars on the road, reduced traffic congestion, and lower greenhouse gas emissions from transportation. Remote and hybrid also reduce business travel, which is a significant source of carbon emissions. By using video conferencing and other remote collaboration tools, companies can reduce their carbon footprint. Teams in the Karsun Innovation Center support these goals by continually adding enhanced tools for remote collaboration to our Karsun Konnect employee application.

Adopting a flexible approach to remote work reduces energy usage and other waste. It moderates energy usage in buildings since fewer people are working in the office. This can lead to lower electricity and water consumption, as well as reduced HVAC usage. Karsun also uses a hoteling system as part of our Karsun Konnect app to better anticipate facilities and operational needs. This allows our onsite teams to act more efficiently to conserve resources when not in use.

Overall, remote work can help reduce the environmental impact of work and improve sustainability. But creating a better environment is also about encouraging a healthy and happy working environment too. Karsun commits to flexibility, work-life balance, and an open, collaborative culture as part of its employee-centered workplace.

Creating a Healthier Remote Work Environment

Remote work can offer several health benefits for workers. Remote work can reduce the stress of commuting and dealing with office disruptions. Workers can also have more control over their work environment, such as the temperature, lighting, and noise level, which can lead to less stress. Additionally, monthly Karsun Wellness newsletters offer tips and suggestions for reducing stress while creating a healthier work environment at home. 

Flexibility is a core tenant of our approach to work. Whether that’s the flexibility to explore new technology or pick the best spaces to collaborate as a team. Remote and hybrid work offered at Karsun allows our team members to have more flexibility in their work schedules. Likewise, flexible work options improve work-life balance by allowing workers to spend more time with their families, pursue hobbies, and engage in self-care activities, which can reduce stress and improve mental health.

Working from home can also encourage a healthier lifestyle, as workers have more time for exercise and healthy meal preparation. In fact, we actively encourage our team to use Karsun resources to focus on their health throughout the work week. Our team members may tune in to weekly remote exercise and fitness groups through our Karsun Konnect. 

At the same time, giving our team members the opportunity to work remotely when appropriate can also reduce exposure to illness. Workers that have the option to work remotely can reduce their proximity to others who may be sick. We also ensure our team members remain healthy throughout the year with award-winning benefits and generous paid time off. 

Overall, remote work can offer a range of health benefits for workers and a healthy environment for our communities. This contributes to improved well-being and quality of life for all. Those looking for a healthier environment where happiness thrives can check out career opportunities at

HERNDON, VA – Karsun Solutions, the enterprise modernization experts, announced today it won the Best Company Perks & Benefits employer award from Comparably. Best Company honors the small and medium businesses with the highest rated perks and benefits programs on The site hosts ratings and reviews from current employees of companies of all sizes. While Karsun previously received awards from Comparably for Outlook, Happiness and Culture, this is the first year its benefits program was recognized.

Karsun offers extensive health plan options and competitive 401k matching. Reviews on Comparably tout Karsun’s Employee Only medical coverage, which features $0 deductible plan options and $0 premium for personal elections. Its perks partners offer discounts on everything from amusement park admissions to gym memberships. Meanwhile, its flexible work arrangements allow most employees the opportunity to work fully remote. 

Professional Development Perks

In addition to health and welfare benefits, Karsun offers comprehensive professional development opportunities. Karsun Academy, hosted through the in-house Innovation Center, presents workshops, bootcamps and training seminars. Karsun also provides designated training hours and subsidized certifications for all employees.  

“Your career is put into your own hands with robust trainings, cutting edge technologies and support from leaders,” begins one employee review.  “…opportunities at Karsun are unlike anything I’ve seen elsewhere.”

Karsun’s ongoing investment in its perks and benefits programs reflects its open and collaborative culture. In addition to reviews from sites such as Comparably, it presents several forums for feedback on work-life balance, perks and other cultural components. Among these are the popular Coffee and Brunch with Leadership programs. As a result of direct employee feedback, Karsun expanded its benefits in recent years to include supplemental insurance benefits, new cost-saving perks and additional wellness program activities.

Karsun delivers modern software development, cloud and data solutions to government agencies. It is currently hiring for remote roles nationwide. Highly sought-after roles include full-stack developers, architects, and business analysts. Apply at

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Transform your career with the company transforming possible for the government. Join the workplace where the only limit to your potential is the limit of your curiosity. Thrive in a community that empowers software development, cloud and data experts. At Karsun, explore every possibility and turn your bold ideas into reality. Expand your career potential with dynamic development resources like Karsun Academy and sponsored technical certification courses. And joining a growing enterprise means as we grow, so do your career opportunities. Take your career to the next level and play your part in powering new possibilities for federal agencies. Join us at

Employee rating site announced Karsun Solutions CEO Sundar Vaidyanathan was among the Top 100 small and medium sized business leaders named to its 2022 Best CEOs for Diversity list. The ranking which is based on reviews from BIPOC employees comes as Comparably also featured Karsun for growth and flexibility throughout the pandemic. The recognition follows the company’s commitment to an employee-centered workplace.

Comparably’s Best CEOs for Diversity award recognizes organizations with highly rated CEOs by diverse groups. Eligible companies were rated on, an anonymous public rating site. Sundar also received the award in 2021.

Building a Flexible, Open Culture

Sundar’s founding vision created a place where all employees may collaborate and do extraordinary things. Comparably’s Workplace Insider blog recently featured Karsun’s flexible approach to remote work. Karsun hosts monthly hybrid Innovation Town Halls, workshops and Coffee with Leadership events. Embracing a transparent, employee-centric culture, all team members submit ideas, feedback and solutions through these open forums.

Not only does this framework allow team members to share their ideas in various ways, it is also available to both remote and hybrid employees allowing everyone to receive recognition for their contributions regardless of their work location. Moreover, this flexibility allows teams to introduce innovative technology while addressing the challenges in complex government programs. Teams’ solutions are implemented at agencies such as the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Federal Aviation Administration, and General Services Administration.

Growing Communities With Karsun

In addition to creating a vibrant, collaborative community at Karsun, Sundar leads efforts to support diverse small and startup businesses. In 2018 he was recognized for both his business acumen and community involvement with the Washington Business Journal’s Minority Business Leader Award.

Karsun’s leaders mentor other organizations planning to graduate from small business. In addition to ranking a second year in a row on the Washington Business Journal Corporate Diversity Index, Sundar’s immigrant journey was featured in the publication. He and co-founder Kartik Mecheri were also honored this year by the US Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce with the Fast 50 award for growth. Awarded during the CelebrASIAN conference, Sundar later appeared on a panel for small businesses. Under his guidance, Karsun’s reaches back to support small businesses and entrepreneurs through programs with TiE DC, ACT-IAC, and USPAACC, among others. Vaidyanathan also serves on the board of College of Engineering Guindy Alumni Association of North America (CEGAANA), an organization supporting the career development of both students and alumni.

Karsun’s Award Winning Team

This year Karsun additionally received both the Best in Washington, D.C.and the Best Company Outlook awards from Comparably. It was named a 2021 Technology Industry Top Workplace by Top Workplaces USA. In support of its ongoing growth, its teams are hiring for remote roles nationwide. Apply for tech careers including Full Stack Developer, Data Engineer, SDET and Business Analyst at

About Karsun Solutions

Karsun Solutions modernizes enterprise systems enabling agencies to make the next technological advancement their next opportunity to elevate mission capability. IT solutions from Karsun are tailored to meet agencies’ unique needs and optimize operations. These solutions adapt and stay relevant with current trends while using secure, digital architecture built to last. It is a proven modernization partner whose expertise elevates agency capabilities and ensures every next opportunity is within reach.

Photo of Kelly Demaitre Chief People Officer Karsun Solutions

HERNDON, VA – Karsun Solutions has named experienced human resources executive Kelly Demaitre as its first Chief People Officer. The announcement comes as the enterprise modernization firm continues nationwide hiring and scales its resources to support its growing people first organization. It anticipates strong organic growth, with a 25% increase in hiring in 2022 as it services contracts at agencies including the Department of Homeland Security, Federal Aviation Administration, and General Services Administration.

Demaitre brings more than 20 years of experience leading human resources teams and driving human capital initiatives across HR functional areas in support of business objectives. Most recently, she served as Chief Human Resources Officer for Dovel Technologies leading Human Resources and Talent Acquisition initiatives. Prior to that role, she worked in several HR leadership roles for diverse sized professional services and technology organizations including CACI and Booz Allen Hamilton.

She also was named a Pinnacle Award finalist and one of Washington, D.C.’s Top HR Leaders of the Year by DCA Live. She has served on the board of the HR Alliance D.C. organization and is an active member of the George Mason University Professional Writing Advisory Board. In this role, she advises the curricular research team on current workplace needs for communicators and local workforce industry needs.

In addition to investing in its human resources infrastructure, Karsun is also envisioning the future of work through its in-house Innovation Center. Following a transition to remote work in 2020, this team created a suite of tools designed to improve collaboration, innovation, and professional development among its workforce. Collectively part of the Karsun Konnect app, employees may access prerecorded workshops and brown bags, attend live training and innovation town halls, and connect with subject matter experts through tools like the newly released Tech Hotline. Additionally, beginning in Q2 2022 its teams will have the flexibility to use its Herndon Headquarters as a collaborative workspace.

Local media and industry organizations repeatedly recognize Karsun for its innovative culture, strong outlook, and community leadership. It ranks on the employee rating site Comparably’s Top 100 Best Companies for Culture and among its 25 Best Companies in Washington, D.C. Karsun is currently hiring for remote roles at

About Karsun Solutions

Awarded for culture and driven by innovation, the Enterprise Modernization Experts at Karsun Solutions deliver innovative technology solutions to customers throughout the government. The Virginia Chamber of Commerce, Washington Business Journal and Inc. all recognize us among the fastest-growing companies in the Washington, D.C. region. Our modern software development, cloud, and data solutions are found at agencies including the Department of Homeland Security, Federal Aviation Administration, and General Services Administration. For the latest job openings visit

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Update: Since this article was published Karsun was named among the Top 100 Companies for Culture by

Karsun received its first workplace and culture awards this year. These include both Top Workplaces USA’s Top Technology Industry Workplace award and Comparably’s Best Company Happiness, Outlook and in Washington, D.C. and Best CEOs for Diversity. The awards honor the growing enterprise modernization company serving customers at government agencies such as DHS, FAA and GSA. They also netted mentions in Business Insider, iHeartRadio’s CEOs You Should Know, Human Resources Director and on employee ranking site Comparably. Covered in stories on flexibility, mentorship and workplace happiness, Karsun stands out as a company where team members are empowered and ready to Do Extraordinary.

Culture Shines in Karsun Awards Team Trophy Image

Awarded for Growth, Awarded for Culture

These new achievements for culture and workplace reflect what many industry groups and publications also recognize, Karsun Solutions is a premier IT consulting firm. This year it earned its seventh consecutive Inc. 5000 award and additional recognition from Inc. as one of the fastest-growing private companies in the Washington, D.C. region. The Northern Virginia Technology Council also awarded Karsun its third consecutive Tech 100 award. Meanwhile, Comparably, which bases its awards on the ratings of current employees, selected Karsun for both Best Company Outlook and Best Company Washington, D.C. awards.

Karsun also received its first ranking on the Washington Business Journal Diverse Companies. It ranked fifth on the “Largest Companies Owned by People of Color in Greater D.C.” list. Karsun’s second award for diversity came from employee rating site Comparably which named Sundar Vaidyanathan one of its Best CEOs for Diversity. In August, Vaidyanathan appeared on iHeartRadio’s CEOs You Should Know in an interview on employees’ career journey and experience at Karsun.

Leadership Begins Within

Leadership and professional development programs start with the Karsun Innovation Center (KIC). The KIC leverages an in-house research and development unit, employee-centric practice areas and Karsun Academy which supports certification and training. The R&D team prototypes new technologies and is often the starting point for participants in Karsun Internship Program. This year’s intern class experimented with tools supporting asynchronous workdays. It was also featured by Comparably for companies offering flex internships. Many interns later transition to support client and delivery work at Karsun.

Practice Areas not only act as centers of excellence supporting initiatives like Karsun’s recent AWS Migration Competency but also empower teams through resource libraries, access to industry experts and opportunities to share experiences outside their team or organization. One popular program is Karsun’s Brown Bag series which includes both technical topics and sessions on soft skills like mentorship and virtual presentations.

Preparing Industry Leaders

Brown Bags, in addition to Karsun Academy’s Dojo workshops, serve as training grounds to prepare experts to present at outside events. The KIC’s Data Practice hosts the DataOps NoVa Meetup which previously included presentations from Karsun delivery team members, interns and experts. Government and public sector technologists may now also join practice experts for Karsun led AWS Immersion Days. And as hybrid and virtual industry events dominate calendars speakers from Karsun appeared at events like All Day DevOps.

Partners ACT-IAC ELC Photo Ben Marglin Raminder Saluja Jay Kondapalli
Ben Marglin, Raminder Saluja and Jay Kondapalli at ACT-IAC ELC 2021

In addition to events featuring our practice leaders, Karsun corporate leaders also shared their experience scaling and growing with Karsun. Senior Vice President Ben Marglin presented on this topic as part of an ACT-IAC panel. He later spoke on Acquisition Innovation at the organization’s annual Executive Leadership Conference (ELC). Senior Director Raminder Saluja was recognized at the same event as Karsun’s 11th graduate of the organization’s prestigious Partners professional development program. Director Jason Marceau likewise continued his ongoing relationship with the University of Southampton. Here he participated in a series of talks on the growing data field while sharing with students opportunities to grow in their tech and data careers.

Internally and externally Karsun’s dedication to building a workplace where teams grow with it was reflected in a series of workplace awards this year. With employees and industry rating it highly it truly is among the premier technology contractors serving the federal government. With growth expected to continue throughout 2022 new team members can join the journey now. Karsun’s hottest jobs include Data Engineers, Full Stack Developers, SDETs and UI/UX Designers. Apply for open positions at