Case Studies / Sales Reporting Portal Modernization

Sales Reporting Portal Modernization

In this application modernization case study the Karsun Cloud Solutions team hosts a sales reporting portal on the AWS platform.

Key Challenge

Centralize and Modernize Fee Remittance Web Application to Reduce Costs

Karsun Solutions provides technical services for GSA CIO in support of Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) acquisition systems under their CAMEO SB contract. The Office of Systems Modernization (OSM) needed to centralize and modernize fee remittance web site used by GSA vendors when reporting their sales made under GSA contracts.


Building a Modern Web Application Framework

Karsun Solution proposed Sales Reporting Portal (SRP), a solution utilizing modern web application framework. This implementation combines an AngularJS and NodeJS based presentation layer with a Java Spring based Rest API services layer. This solution was deployed in FAS AWS Cloud Service platform (FCS) utilizing DevOps tools. The logical architecture implemented for FAS SRP is as follows: We also adopted AWS best practices to implement this solution. This includes the use of managed services such as S3, highly available infrastructure, and deployment automation. The current production deployment architecture is as follows: Some of the capabilities provided by SRP include:

  • Automated process for calculating IFF providing auditability
  • Collecting and comparing transactional data across GSA Contracts will result in market-driven price reductions, increasing FAS market share and saving money for customer agencies which ultimately benefits the taxpayer.
  • Ability to compare transactional data across contract vehicles in a consistent manner

Outcomes of Project

Karsun developed a customized application hosted on AWS platform using Agile and DevSecOps methodology, open source tools, user-centered design approach. As shown in the above diagram, this application was successfully deployed to production on GSA’s FCS platform. Karsun Solutions IT modernization portfolio includes Modern Software Development, Cloud Solutions, and Data Solutions. To read the complete set of cloud modernization case studies series, start here. Connect with us to learn more about teaming and partnership opportunities.