Case Studies / FAA Replatforming Cloud Migration Case Study

FAA Replatforming Cloud Migration Case Study

Karsun Solutions cloud modernization experts enable the safe transition away from expensive legacy technologies. As an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Consulting Partner, we leverage the AWS catalog as a key component in these cloud solutions. In this case study series, the Karsun Solutions Cloud Practice shares recent cloud migration success stories.


About the Customer

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Office of Information Technology (AIT) is responsible for the IT management, security, privacy, and data security across the FAA. AIT’s IT portfolio consists of a large portfolio of on-premise applications. FAA AIT is committed to designing new and innovative ways to leverage the FAA cloud to dynamically improve data analysis, enable data-driven decision-making, and streamline how information is provided to aviation stakeholders.

About Karsun Solutions FAA SSD Program

Karsun Solutions provides cloud migration technical expertise and develops innovative products and services to solve complex challenges facing FAA AIT’s business partners. This includes a wide range of activities such as quality management and planning, enterprise data management, solution and enterprise architecture, information delivery, application development, testing, and sustainment within the AIT portfolio.

Key Challenge

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Office of Information Technology (AIT) was challenged with an aging, on-premises infrastructure that prevented it from introducing new products and services quickly. The costs of keeping its legacy IT infrastructure up and running continued to rise, delaying the agency from reallocating investments on new strategic initiatives to support aviation mandates.


The Karsun Solutions team conducted a cloud suitability analysis and rehosted/refactored several applications successfully on AWS infrastructure under the ADE 500 program to support the new business needs.

Technologies Utilized

  • AWS Services - EC2, S3, RDS-Postgres, ELB, ALB, CloudWatch
  • Third-Party Services- Jenkins, Ansible, Artifactory, Pentaho, Alfresco, Attivio

Results & Benefits

  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership for Application Maintenance
  • Improved Time to Market