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Enabling DevOps Transformation

As a premier IT consulting firm we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality modernization solutions to our Federal and commercial customers. We nurture partnerships with industry-leading partners to give our highly experienced IT teams access to a deep pool of resources. We apply these resources within our three practice areas, including our Modern Software Development practice. Our DevOps teams, for instance, expand their toolkits using these partnerships. Our teams benefit from our relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS) as they work with our customers to lay the groundwork for a robust DevOps practice.

Key Challenge

Our Modern Software Development practice, built on our proprietary GoLean methodology, combines the best of Agile and DevOps practice and is by used teams throughout Karsun. GoLean is essential to our modernization efforts as it emphasizes monitoring before, during and after transformation, ensuring limited impact on business lines. GoLean is fundamentally about process improvement. The Ship step of the methodology establishes a continuous delivery practice. For customers missing this step, we find transformation is best served by establishing a strong DevOps practice. AWS is used by our teams to form the backbone of this DevOps practice.


Establishing a DevOps Practice

As with our other transformation efforts, we first use GoLean methods to monitor performance metrics, like Deployment Frequency. As part of the process improvement step, the team identifies best practices. Such practices include distributed deployment, automated rollback, and proactive monitoring. Initially, our experienced DevOps teams work with customers to establish automation pipelines. Because our teams have a deep familiarity with AWS and other cloud tools, they enact processes to quickly spin up the staging environments required for maturing integration practices. Now teams may focus on improving deployment frequency and honing their distributed deployment practice. After transformation, teams implementing GoLean continue monitoring performance. This includes standardizing monitoring practices through tools like AWS CloudWatch. There is also a practice monitoring phase. Metrics like Mean Time to Recover (MTTR) assists GoLean practitioners in identifying the effectiveness of teams’ automated rollback practices. Our Software-as-a-Service, offered to Karsun’s commercial customers, allows mature DevOps teams to construct their own custom automation pipelines.’s underlying infrastructure, built on AWS, empowers users to quickly select the pipeline steps relevant to their practice. By connecting their tool APIs to the console the GoLean Orchestrator automates the pipeline adding additional metrics, like the time spent in each step of the pipeline. Using advanced DevOps teams may further refine their practice. Our relationship with Amazon Web Services facilitates the adoption of DevOps within both our public sector and commercial customers. Thanks to our growing partner roster, our teams deliver high quality IT consulting services across our Software Development, Cloud Solutions, and Data Solutions practices. Contact us to learn more about DevOps transformation or visit to explore our commercial toolkit.