Case Studies / Migration Takes Off with Karsun Solutions Cloud Runway

Migration Takes Off with Karsun Solutions Cloud Runway

Karsun Solutions offers a portfolio of enterprise modernization solutions to federal and commercial clients. Key among these is Karsun’s cloud migration solution, Cloud Runway. Cloud Runway enables cloud first organizations migrating legacy systems to the cloud. Karsun recently paired their Innovation Center team with one of their federal customers for a large migration effort using Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Key Challenge

The customer approached Karsun to move an app to the cloud in order to reduce costs. Critically, the customer also wanted to limit the impact on business lines during the migration. In any of Karsun’s Cloud Solutions offerings the goal is to leverage the flexibility and agility offered by the cloud to reduce costs. The approach balances private, public, and hybrid cloud options based on economics, functionality, and security. Migration teams use strategic partnerships, like those with AWS, to build cost-effective high-quality solutions.


Karsun’s Cloud Runaway leverages change management best practices. Migration teams discourage customers from building their own platforms in favor of focusing on the assets and processes already available to them. They start by identifying the processes and tools already in use. First, the team implements Karsun’s GoLean methodology. Teams identify daily process performance and health measures prior to migration. These measures are assessed and tracked throughout migration to observe and mitigate the impact on development teams.

Once teams are actively measuring their performance metrics, tools are paired with similar cloud-native apps. The objective is to support and nurture the processes already in place. Karsun’s partnership with AWS supports the migration team’s efforts to use their own experience to select the most appropriate tools available. Cloud Runway takes a collaborative to this transition. The Karsun Innovation Center pairs one of their teams with the migration team. In bringing this in-house research and development team onboard, the migration effort utilizes the latest enterprise architecture solutions.

Combining Karsun’s change management approach with strategic cloud partnerships, the customer was able to quickly migrate to the cloud with limited interruptions to their business lines. Explore our Cloud Solutions page for more including customer case studies. Contact Us to start a conversation with our cloud migration team