Case Studies / AWS Brings SaaS Products to Life

AWS Brings SaaS Products to Life

Cloud Solutions are a core offering in Karsun Solutions’ enterprise modernization portfolio. Whether it is cloud migration through our Cloud Runway or applications developed for the cloud with our powerful GoLean methodology we are cloud experts. In delivering Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products to both federal and commercial clients we leverage our strategic partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Our team has a deep knowledge base and the experience to rapidly solution using AWS. One such team used this experience to quickly bring an AWS SaaS solution from ideation to production.

Key Challenge

The Karsun Innovation Center is an in-house research and development team that solves difficult problems facing Karsun teams. An internal team challenged our Innovation Center to take a toolkit used by Karsun developers and create a solution that could be used by Karsun customers. The team identified a cloud-based SaaS offering as the best way to achieve our internal client’s goals. This type of solution would require a console with a unified look that also connected to a suite of tools used by development and operations teams. In implementing this SaaS product the Innovation team determined they needed to address three concerns: consistent tenant experience, tenant isolation, and reduced resource costs.


Creating a Consistent Tenant Experience

As a toolkit, the primary focus of the SaaS product is the tools themselves. However, it was also critical to the product team to provide a console as a focal point for all tool based activity. This console also needed to be the location where new users could quickly onboard and current users could quickly receive product updates.

The team used S3 to create a console to display a consistent interface across tenants. Using this implementation, information on new features, videos, or help text, is deployed to all tenants rapidly. Simple Email Service (SES) from AWS also allowed the team to create a series of onboarding emails to quickly bring new users up to speed. Additionally, the team built the solution across availability zones to limit service interruptions. They then deployed CloudFront, a content display network (CDN), to ensure a uniform site speed experience.

Tenant Isolation

Because the SaaS toolkit reveals deep insights into development processes, maintaining the security of tool data was critical to our team. AWS’ Identity Access Management (IAM) roles allowed the team to ensure tenant access is limited only their own data. In building a containerized solution, they also created a secure scalable solution.

The team mounted each tool to its own container using AWS’ Elastic Container Service (ECS). When using ECS, as each container is mounted it can be given its own IAM role on the container level. To limit access to tenant tool data, DynamoDB database access given to that particular tool container’s IAM role.

Reduce Cloud Resource Costs

In this solution, each tool has its own container. This is in part because it gives the team greater control over tenant access to tool data. Another reason tools are containerized is it allows the team to reduce costs by implementing only the tool licenses that are required for each tenant, rather than sharing resources across tenants. Thus reducing enterprise licensing costs.

Amazon Web Services products enabled the Karsun Innovation Center team to quickly bring their developer’s toolkit to life. AWS reinforces the Innovation Center’s commitment to high scalability solutions while limiting overall costs. The Innovation Center and our AWS Reseller Team work together to consistently deliver high-quality cloud solutions to both internal and external customers. Explore our Cloud Solutions page for more including other customer case studies. Contact Us to start a conversation with our AWS Cloud Solutions team.