One Team, Building the Next Breakthrough

Thrive in a community that empowers experimentation and brings teams together to shape our business for the better. A workplace that jumpstarts innovation with open collaboration extending across business areas, company-wide Hackathons, and a Tech Radar that enables the free exchange of ideas. At Karsun, collaborate in a culture that allows you the freedom to explore every possibility and provides support to turn bold ideas into reality.

Work alongside proven modernization experts that combine a wealth of technical area experience with a complex understanding of emerging technologies to create solutions that serve the needs of federal agencies and elevate them to next.

For Every Next

Modernize for Mission

Karsun team members develop federal-specific skillsets through specialized training, career pathing and flexibility to best serve agency missions with dedicated expertise. Support customers including FEMA, FAA and GSA.

Prototypes and Projects

Innovation Week

We invite builders and experimenters to participate in hybrid Innovation Weeks. These code-a-thons plus expert panels give participants the opportunity to create solutions with emerging technology while bringing new skills back to their teams.