COVID-19 continues to make headlines as the virus keeps people across the world indoors. For many of us, this new normal includes working from home. Meanwhile, growing companies like Karsun Solutions still need to hire IT, development, and other technology professionals to fill their teams. As a result, phone and video interviews are becoming a widespread solution. To protect the health and safety of our candidates Karsun is among those companies hiring virtually. To help you prepare, we created this list of virtual interview tips and tricks.

Remember, a virtual interview is simply an interview that takes place remotely, sometimes over the phone, but often using technology like video conferencing and other online communication platforms. Like any other interview presenting yourself professionally is of the utmost importance. Below we review our top tips for virtual interviewing.

Virtual Interview Tips and Tricks

  1. Position yourself in a well-lit, quiet, clean space. It is essential to limit distractions by choosing a quiet, well-lit, neutral, and clean space to conduct your interview.
  2. Check and test your technology several times before the interview to ensure a successful session. Make sure you understand how both the camera and the microphone work on your device.
  3. Don’t sit to close or too far from the computer. Sitting up straight also naturally gives you a bit more energy and helps you communicate your excitement about the company. If you rely on body language to communicate and engage interviewers, make sure your hands and upper body are visible on camera.
  4. Visit the company’s careers page before the interview. Research the company and write down a few notes. It is best if you have only a few quick notes in front of you and glance at them sparingly. You should be ready to speak in-depth about why you want to join the company, how its mission resonates with you, and the value you will bring to the specific role.
  5. Setup a mock video interview with someone, like a friend. Practice common questions. Ask your mock interviewer for feedback. This will help you feel prepared for your interview.
  6. Be on time, be prepared, and dress professionally. Treat this as an in-office interview. Match your look to that of the organization’s office-based colleagues. Browse the company’s website and social feeds for clues to its dress code.
  7. Be personable! Be yourself! Be prepared and practice but do not memorize. You don’t want to sound robotic throughout your interview.
  8. Within 24 hours of the interview, send an individual thank you email to everyone you met. Not only will it show you value their time, but it provides you the opportunity to sell yourself. Use this opportunity to express the unique strengths you bring to the role or share any talking points you forgot to address.

Virtual interviewing is similar to interviewing in person. Practicing both answering questions and the interview technology will set you on the path for success. More importantly, using these tips may just land you your next IT job. If you are Full Stack Developer, DevSecOps Engineer, SDET, or other IT modernization expert that dream position might be at Karsun Solutions. Visit apply today!