Every summer Karsun embeds interns in our Innovation Center to work alongside our technology experts, prototyping solutions to support our customers. Mayank Tamakuwala, a member of the 2022 cohort, worked on the Karsun Kollaborate digital workplace project and the Innovation Center’s Synthetic Data Portal. In the brief interview below, he describes his experience and internship projects.

First, please tell us about yourself.

Hello Folks! I’m Mayank Tamakuwala, a junior Computer Science student at California State University Long Beach pursuing my Bachelors degree. I like solving Rubik’s Cube and their kinds and watching mystery movies in my free time.

Could you share a little bit about the project you worked on as part of this internship?

I worked on two projects over my internship period, Kollaborate and Synthetic Data Portal. The main task in the Kollaborate project was to update the react and react-flow-renderer library, convert class component files into functional components, and update the existing code to the current format of coding in React to make the code modernized and readable to other users. My part while working on Synthetic Data Portal was to create UI components for the web application and also to generate the fake seed data for Personal Identifiable Information (PII) fields using the Faker library. The UI components were developed using React framework and AWS Amplify library. This project aimed to generate synthetic data by training ML models with anonymizing PII data using Faker and Synthetic Data Vault (SDV) for Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence use cases.

What was it like working with the Karsun Innovation Center?

The aspect of KIC that I liked the most was the “Show, Don’t Tell” session that was held every other Friday. During this session, everyone showed their work and the progress they had made over the previous two weeks, discussed any obstacles they had encountered, and discussed the libraries, services, and programming languages they were utilizing to get the job done. The fact that Karsun encourages and supports its workers in obtaining cloud certification in Amazon Web Services for the advancement of their careers is another thing I admire.

Karsun taught me more technical skills, which is what I value most about it. My entry into the field of machine learning was made possible by the Synthetic Data Portal project that I worked on. I also learned more about AWS services, including their relevance to the modern economy and how they may be used.

Mayank was mentored by Hari Narayanan, Director, Karsun Innovation Center Solution Practice.