The Karsun Solutions Executive Team recently joined Federal News Radio’s executive editor Jason Miller on his Views from the Corner Office program. During the interview, CEO Sundar Vaidyanathan, Chief Architect Kartik Mecheri and Chief Operating Officer Terry Miller share how IT modernization is opening the door for disruptors. They reveal insights on the state of the federal market, innovation-centric procurement trends, and opportunities for growing small businesses.

IT Modernization Disruptors Interview

The Show Don’t Tell Approach to IT Modernization

When discussing the state of the federal market, both Sundar and Kartik highlight the role of small, innovative disruptors. Kartik, in particular, identifies the ability of such organization to quickly adapt and demonstrate IT modernization requirements. For Karsun Solutions these include expanding opportunities within the commercial cloud and artificial intelligence space.

The Karsun team commends the trend toward innovative procurement processes. Reflecting on Karsun Solutions recent growth the team adds, the organization benefits from matching opportunities to competencies. In describing the approach, COO Terry Miller notes, “what we’re really seeing that’s very different is ‘prove it to me, come in and do a demonstration to show me exactly … what your capabilities are.”

Views from the Corner Office brings together federal executives, lawmakers and other industry experts for insights into trends and challenges facing the Federal sector. The thirty-minute Views from the Corner Office program offers a private industry glimpse into public sector contracting. If you missed the original broadcast listen in here. Alternatively, tune in throughout October to hear the interview on WFED 1500am.

About Karsun Solutions

Karsun Solutions is a premier consulting firm delivering a portfolio of enterprise modernization services to its federal and commercial customers. Its core competencies include Modern Software Development, Cloud Solutions, and Advanced Analytics. Its proprietary GoLean® software development methodology combines Agile, Lean, Kanban and DevOps practices throughout the software development lifecycle. The Software-as-a-Service provides a lean management tool-kit combining the best of these practices.