Serverless computing, especially AWS Lambda, is a darling of Enterprise IT professionals. First entering the spotlight four years ago, Lambda allows the running of code without provisioning or managing servers. Thus it owes its rising popularity to ease of use, scalability and low costs tied solely to consumed compute time. In response to this increased demand for information on serverless computing, Karsun Solutions Data Analyst Sidharth Ramesh recently presented an Introduction to AWS Lambda at the Northern Virginia Linux Users Group. This Lambda 101 style talk served as an introduction to serverless.

Lambda 101

In his talk, Sidharth explains AWS Lambda is a function-as-a-service event-driven model. Sidharth uses the analogy of pushing code, rather than spinning up new instances. He outlines this departure from previous architectures and suggests use cases where Lambda may replace EC2 instances.

He provides an overview of implementation, including strategies for structuring event triggers. Drawing upon his past interactions with the Karsun Innovation Center, he shared lessons learned as well as suggested use cases. These include using Lambda in ETL or scenarios requiring an infrastructure as code approach.

View Sidharth’s complete talk on YouTube and his presentation on GitPitch.

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