Resiliency is about more than protecting our current possessions, it’s about preserving our past. As we enter Black History month this February, we are reminded of the importance of preserving our historic sites in areas threatened by climate change. Karsun proudly supports the work of African American communities preparing for the future by building resiliency now. Our grants management modernization program supports the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and its Grants Outcomes (FEMA GO) platform. Through this platform these communities may apply for resiliency grants and save critical historic sites.

Princeville, North Carolina is one town protecting their history now as they prepare for future climate conditions. A recent video from the FEMA reveals resiliency efforts here. Founded in 1885 Princeville was among the first towns chartered by African American citizens in the United States. 

At the conclusion of the United States Civil War, former slaves settled in an area named Freedom Hill. Residents named the fledgling community after the high bluff where newly freed slaves announced the Emancipation Declaration. Later the town incorporated, naming itself after ex-slave Turner Prince who built many of the community’s homes. 

For residents of Princeville, resiliency is about more than protecting their homes, it’s about protecting this history. Much of the town is located on swamp land which is particularly vulnerable to flooding during hurricane season. In 1999 the Princeville Dike failed and water rose 23 feet above the streets. It was declared a National Disaster Area, with destruction not only to homes and businesses but also to the historic cemetery located in the town.

Residents are still recovering from Hurricane Floyd in 1999 and later Hurricane Matthew in 2016. Nevertheless, as the FEMA clip shows, the residents maintain hope for a vibrant future. Envisioning a town as a historic destination, they dream of sharing their story while growing the town for the next generation. 

In 2020, the town of Princeville was selected to receive FEMA funding, as well as funds from the State and other entities, to support the town’s vision for resiliency and growth. These funds have enabled the residents of Princeville to elevate homes to protect against future flooding, rebury caskets that had washed up from the graveyard, and improve the levees to protect the town from future flooding. 

Karsun is working with FEMA to modernize FEMA’s ten legacy IT systems and 40+ grants programs into a single grants management platform, as part of the FEMA GO modernization. This effort will standardize business processes through a consistent grants management lifecycle, enabling FEMA to more efficiently deliver grants such as the Building Resilient Communities and Flood Mitigation Assistance to support relief and reconstruction of towns like Princeville. 

Resiliency grants and other FEMA programs help residents prepare for a better future while honoring their past. Karsun’s grants management modernization experts proudly support this agency’s mission.

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