Accelerate DevSecOps Adoption with the Cloud

Combining modern software development and DevSecOps principles with our proprietary GoLean® platform the Karsun Solutions DevSecOps Practice accelerates digital transformation for government agencies with solutions built on AWS. Our highly skilled resources deliver superior solutions and architectures to our clients.

The GoLean® Platform is Karsun’s Application Lifecycle Management Platform as a Service (PaaS). Developed by our in-house Innovation Center, the platform is designed for software development, delivery and orchestration of the technology stack for DevSecOps. Our proprietary CI/CD pipeline on the GoLean platform can be configured and/or integrated with existing tools and on multiple cloud platforms including the AWS Cloud. It also allows for each implementation to be optimized based on customer needs and constraints.

Migrate and Transform


Apps Migrated and 4-Factored with Cloud Runways


Health and Diagnostic Visualizations


Statistical Models



Powerful CI/CD Pipelines

Development Pipeline

Using containerization and virtualization, we programmatically provision a full application stack mirroring the production environment for each user story. We enable continuous delivery into a test environment for end users to access features as they are developed and provide feedback for validation and acceptance.

Integration Pipeline

We trigger and orchestrate a set of automated test scripts to execute a sequence of tests. The integration pipeline includes sequences such as automated pre-test static code inspections that validate architectural compliance, automated integration tests on an isolated production-like environment that check for regression, security scans that check for vulnerability, and Section 508 tests that check for usability. The pipeline automatically forwards the change for code review by a peer developer, architect or DevSecOps engineer based on the type of code change (e.g., application, infrastructure).

Release Pipeline

We combine multiple release-ready functions and perform expansive regression, security penetration, and performance tests to reduce defects in production. We also automated the deployment to production and the smoke test.

Digital Transformation and a Culture Shift That Prepares Teams for Next

In order to promote DevSecOps culture shift, we start small, implement DevSecOps where there is a very real business need for speed, demonstrate the efficiencies achieved through the metrics to build confidence and then carefully roll out with supporting training and guidance.

An AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

Karsun Solutions is a proud AWS Advanced Consulting Partner. Backed by DevOps, Government and Migration Competencies our modern software development, cloud and data teams all deliver robust solutions built on AWS. Our in-house Innovation Center combines prototyping with industry leading training and toolkits to ensure effective culture adoption. We proudly offer AWS Immersion Days to customers and colleagues to enhance their practice. Additional innovation initiatives are driven through employee-centric Solution, DevSecOps, Lean, Development and Data practice areas. Our platform team has extensive experience in developing cloud-based applications. We incrementally identify, augment and maintain a migration automations library. Leveraging these patterns and best practices, we offer these reusable toolkits as Karsun Cloud Runways.

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