Business Transformation, Process Improvement

The focus was on improving business processes of Office of Acquisition Management (AM) in Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) at the General Services Administration (GSA). The client wanted to know:

  • What are the current pain points as expressed by users (customers, internal stakeholders, and contract holders)?
  • Where can acquisition management be more in line with the FAS strategic goals?
  • What are the bottlenecks in the business processes?

Key Challenge

The expertise being sought was with experience in process improvement, business analysis, documentation, and communication with the background/knowledge of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR).


The Karsun team analyzed AM operations and business processes, mapped out an all-encompassing business process improvement strategy and related system enhancements, and provided AM with a window to its operations through a Drupal based Strategy Command Center (SC2) portal.

The SC2 enables AM staff and leadership to collaborate on the process models and provide feedback on planned mitigation measures and inspect its operations from different aspects such as:

  • What capabilities it is expected to have and deliver
  • With whom or with which systems it must interact to accomplish its mission
  • What each business process in place contributes to the organizational goals
  • What are the problems that are hampering its progress?
  • What plans are in place/could be in place to mitigate these problems?
  • What risks AM is facing if not mitigating these issues.
  • What opportunities it can have if it mitigates these issues through successful implementation of the planned mitigating measures