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Enterprise Content Management System (ECMS) is an enterprise-wide solution supporting GSA/FAS goals for a paperless office space. The system is a common service for document collaboration and content management tool for managing electronic content stored in the Documentum repository.

The ECMS system provides the ability to manage electronic content through the entire life cycle of a document – creation, distribution, utilization, retention, and disposition. The implementation is envisioned to provide flexible imaging and data capture, supporting multiple document capture approaches from in-house scanning to outsourced conversion and imports. The service secures enterprise-wide storage and retrieval of documents, allowing the system of record or the client business process instances to access the content with confidence. Content may be checked-in/ checked-out based on the permissions defined in the Access Control Lists for the logged-in user.

Key Challenge

Karsun Solutions supported Lockheed Martin in building the ECMS application using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) paradigm and Documentum as the underlying content management platform to provide advanced view, store, and search capabilities on enterprise documents.

The system exposes a full spectrum of document management services, including routing capabilities for electronic content using Workflow/Business Process Management as well as integration with scanning software. Single-Sign-On capabilities are achieved using SAML 2.0 technology. The system supports versioning as an automated process that creates a historical record of every version of a document.

The service is exposed to the client applications as a web service and is deployed on the JBOSS platform.


The ECMS implementation has helped GSA control access to content, maintain audit trails and histories, and apply complete control around the content lifecycle.

ECMS allows content to be delivered to the right people in the right format. Given that multiple applications in the enterprise consume the service, the centralized service approach has yielded GSA much greater return on investment (ROI), compared to a disparate set of applications.

Consolidating the overall architecture on a single code base, security model, and API has eliminated Band-Aid integrations, decreased costs, automated processes, and shared content effectively. Leveraging common IT infrastructure has minimized application development and support costs, improving user experience, and enabling simple upgrades, maintenance, and training.